In radar, a display in which a target appears as a complete circle when the radar antenna is pointed correctly at it and in which the radius of the circle is proportional to the target distance. When not correctly pointing at the target, the circle reduces to a segment of a circle, with the segment length inversely proportional to the magnitude of the pointing error and its angular position reciprocal to the direction of the pointing error. In its strictest form, the target altitude and the direction are not indicated on this type of display. The display finds its use in surface-to-air weapons firing radars. Also called an I-scan, I-scope, or I-indicator.
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The lightweight OBID i-scan PRH200 RFID Reader packs an antenna, HF reader and batteries into an extremely thin blade design for easy one-handed operation, offering greater functionality than traditional readers requiring a tethered antenna connection.
Despite its small size, the OBID i-scan Blade Reader offers outstanding performance with 1.
NODiL, a division of the IT Techcare Group, has announced the immediate availability of its i-scan product for filtering spam and preventing virus infection.
The i-scan service checks every e-mail - incoming and outgoing - with four antivirus systems and virus definitions are updated every ten minutes.
The EPK-i7000 video processor also incorporates Pentax i-scan imaging technology, an advanced multi-modal tool designed to highlight morphological and vascular patterns of the mucosal surface.
I-Scan panels, made up of individuals rather than households, have already been successfully deployed in several Asia Pacific markets and tested in the U.
I-Scan panel members use patented pocket-sized scanners to record impulse and other on-the-go purchases outside the home.
The first VARs to sign on are Hershey Technology, One Touch Technologies, I-Scan Center, CCT Technology, Computer One, E-Concile, Las Vegas Import and Export and XOAM.
The i-scan TS-510 Digital Ear Thermometer takes the body temperature in only one second.