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a river in the Yakut ASSR. It is 872 km long and drains an area of 238,000 sq km.

The lana is formed by the confluence of the Sartang and Dulgalakh rivers, which rise in the Verkhoiansk Range, and then flows through a broad, deep valley. After the lana receives the Adycha, the valley widens to 10 or more km, and the river divides into separate channels. As the lana cuts through the northern tip of the Kular Range, the valley narrows, and rapids occur. The lana then follows an extremely meandering path across the Iana-Indigirka Lowland and divides into branches. A delta with an area of 10,200 sq km is formed by the river in the area where it flows into lana Gulf of the Laptev Sea. The principal channels in the delta are the Samadon, which forms the delta proper; the Main Channel (Glavnoe Ruslo), which flows north; and the Right Channel (Pravaia Protoka), which flows to the left of the Main Channel.

There are about 40,000 lakes in the lana basin. The river is fed by rain and snow; it carries up to 90 percent of its annual water volume between May and August. The water level varies by 9 m in the middle course and by 11.9 m at Kazach’e, in the lower course. The mean flow rate is 150 cu m per sec at Verkhoiansk, 925 cu m per sec 381 km from the mouth, and 1,000 cu m per sec at the mouth. The maximum flow rates at Verkhoiansk and 381 km from the mouth are 2,840 and 12,400 cu m per sec, respectively, in the spring and 2,300 and 13,000 cu m per sec, respectively, in the summer. The lana freezes over in October; it freezes solid at Verkhoiansk for 70–110 days a year. The ice breaks up in the second half of May or the first half of June.

The hydropower resources of the lana are estimated at 6.9 million kilowatts. The principal right tributaries are the Adycha, Ol’dzho, and Abyrabyt, and the main left tributaries are the By-tantai and Baky. The lana is navigable; the chief landings are at Verkhoiansk, Batagai, and Ust’-Kuiga. The port of Nizhneiansk is located at the mouth of the river.


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(Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, www.iana.org) An operating unit of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that maintains the top-level domain, IP address and protocol number databases. The word "authority" means that IANA keeps authoritative records, but it has no jurisdiction over Internet activity and does not resolve address conflicts.

IANA coordinates all top-level domains such as .com and .org and country codes such as .us and .ca, which is necessary for the Internet's root servers and naming system (see DNS). It is also a registry for the many numerical codes assigned to data types and commands in the large variety of protocols used on the Internet, including routing and email protocols, port numbers and multicast and Ethernet addresses.

IANA provides coordination of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) around the world allocate to large companies, carriers and ISPs. It also assigns autonomous system (AS) numbers that are used by various routing protocols. See ICANN.

              Regional InternetLocation      Registry (RIR)

  Africa        AfriNIC

  Asia          APNIC

  North         ARIN
   America      www.arin.net

  Latin         LACNIC
   America      www.lacnic.net

  Europe,       RIPE NCC
  Middle East,  www.ripe.net
  Central Asia
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There also was concern that the role played by IANA lacked a legal foundation and required more permanence to ensure the stability of the Internet and the domain name system.
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IANA is the entity that overseas global IP address allocation, autonomous system number allocation, root zone management in the Domain Name System (DNS) and other internet protocol-related symbol and numbers.
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HOUSED WITHIN THE HONOR SOCIETY OF NURSING, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), the International Academic Nursing Alliance (IANA) is a free, global, electronic community that allows nurse educators and clinicians to form alliances to advance scholarship, collaboration, exchanges, support, and the dissemination of nursing knowledge.
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