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symbol for the element iridiumiridium
, metallic chemical element; symbol Ir; at. no. 77; at. wt. 192.217; m.p. about 2,410°C;; b.p. about 4,130°C;; sp. gr. 22.55 at 20°C;; valence +3 or +4.
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Abbrev. for infrared.
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Abbr. for “inside radius.”
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The country code for Iran.
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(1) (Industry Remarketer) See VAR and VAD.

(2) See infrared, IR detector and IrDA.

(3) See information resources.
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"It's going to be up to the banks to make sure that if the customer just quotes the IBAN, payment will reach the beneficiary," says HSBC's Richter.
IBAN meant this would not happen because every number would include a country code and a check digit.
As Bahrain's BMI Bank points out, "The IBAN is not a new account number and will include the original bank account number, plus additional characters." The use of IBAN in Bahrain for inter-domestic as well as cross border payments will be mandatory from 31 January 2012.
However, they must quote your IBAN being the beneficiary/recipient of funds.
The fact that this blunder surfaced within less than a few days after the IBAN announcement does not bode well for the rest of the month.
am sure that within the six diaries are similar hidden 'gems' that will illuminate current scholarship as well as providing an excellent introduction to the region, longhouse life, the lives of the Iban. The diaries are engaging, humorous, and filled with the joy and tribulations of suddenly finding oneself plunged into foreign lands associated with academic research; well illustrated in Monica's own short comic (page xiii) which attempts to recapture that moment, where she is dragged at dizzying speed through Sibu, up the Rejang River, and out into the paddy fields of Rumah Nyala, where she notes 'arriving at just the right time (7.11.49).
However, Cramb also points out that no grand theory of agricultural transformation can be applied to the Iban. Rather he posits questions to examine the realities of the customary systems of land use and tenure by the Iban, why such systems have persisted into the current era, and how these systems have adapted to accommodate population growth, economic globalization, and other economic and social trends.
Perhaps the IBAN will be one of the spillover effects of SEPA into the U.S.
Pedal Pushers: Iban Mayo, Live Cycling: Tour de France
And though the 7,000-mile trip involved the youngsters taking two flights, a long-boat journey over rapids and then trekking through the jungle, they found the Iban, once feared as headhunters, had still heard of Sunderland through the international language of football.