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The three-year study concluded that in the more than 22 million patients who were assessed, heart attacks were almost twice as common in patients with IBD (5.
The relationship between PG and IBD is complex, and the pathogenesis of the co-occurrence of both diseases in certain patients is poorly understood.
The Litwin IBD Pioneers initiative will reportedly support innovative clinical and translational research projects around the world with the potential to impact the treatment of IBD patients in the near future.
Marvel Custom Solutions created The Unbeatables and the graphic novel in collaboration with a panel of people living with IBD.
Review of studies found a number of complementary and alternative medicines for management of IBD patients with some promising results.
Patients told us about the physical and emotional battles they face every day from living with IBD and particularly highlighted the isolating nature of this disease.
It seems that patients with IBD are dropping from the sky," says Ng, now a gastroenterologist at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
How MHCII might be enhanced remains to be determined, and how the microbiome of IBD patients differs from that of non-IBD patients--and what role those differences play in the expression of disease--are areas of intense investigation.
WASHINGTON -- Almost 40% of men with inflammatory bowel disease said the disease had a negative effect on their libido and almost 30% said that it had prevented them from having sex, in a study that used a new scale designed to evaluate sexual dysfunction in men with IBD, Dr.