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System z

IBM's family of 64-bit mainframes, introduced in 2000 as the zSeries. It includes the z9, z10 and zEnterprise z196, z114, zEC12 and zBC12 models, all of which are robust, mission critical computer systems that generally run under IBM's z/OS or z/VM operating systems.

IBM's z/Architecture was a major upgrade to the previous ESA/390 mainframes. The first z mainframe was the high-end 900 line, followed in 2002 by the zSeries 800, geared to the mid-size customer. Following is a list of "z" models over the years. The enterprise class designation refers to the high-end machines. See z/OS, zEnterprise, z/Architecture, IBM branding and System/390.

Year    MainframeIntro.  Model             Class

  2013    zEnterprise BC12  Business
  2012    zEnterprise EC12  Enterprise
  2011    zEnterprise 114   Enterprise
  2010    zEnterprise 196   Enterprise

  2008    System z10 EC     Enterprise
  2008    System z10 BC     Business

  2006    System z9 BC      Business
  2005    System z9 EC      Enterprise

  2004    zSeries 890       Business
  2003    zSeries 990       Enterprise

  2002    zSeries 800       Business
  2000    zSeries 900       Enterprise
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The cloud solution is built on an IBM System z9 Business Class mainframe running the Linux operating system, and includes DB2, WebSphere and Tivoli middleware from IBM.
This technical guide explains how to monitor Linux for System z on an IBM System z9 running z/VM 5.
The MEPS mainframe upgrade consisted of upgrading the existing system to the IBM System z9 Business Class (BC).
The initiative's solutions will be made available with both the IBM System z9 Enterprise Class (z9 EC) and IBM System z9 Business Class (z9 BC) servers, which are ideal for deploying these joint solutions for Linux across an array of enterprises.
With the assistance of Red Hat Advanced Partner Delphis Informatica, Fratelli Carli implemented Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to run as a virtual guest on its IBM System z9 Business Class mainframe.
The program is designed to promote BI on the new IBM System z9, as well as IBM eServer zSeries, iSeries, BladeCenter, and pSeries running Linux.
By architecting our software capabilities via the BPEL functionality with IBM System z9, we are able to boost the economic value of their current investments.
atsec information security, Austin, Texas, has completed a Common Criteria evaluation of IBM Processor Resource/System Manager (PR/SM) LPAR for IBM System z9 Business Class (z9 BC) and z9 Enterprise Class (z9 EC) at evaluation assurance level (EAL) 5.
Softek[R] Storage Solutions, the leader in Nonstop Data Mobility[TM] software solutions, announced today that the company will share best practices and expertise on how to move data non-disruptively and securely, while maintaining continuous application availability, when migrating data in mainframe environments in a technical session at the IBM System z9 and zSeries Expo, on October 11 at 10:35 am at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida (Bonaire 5 room).
IBM congratulates the team at the Social Security Administration for demonstrating how an Innovative approach to network connectivity can drive strategic value to its business," said Michael Bliss, IBM director of IBM System z9 technical marketing.
McDATA Corporation (Nasdaq: MCDTA)(Nasdaq: MCDT), a leading provider of storage networking solutions, today announced that IBM System z9 and eServer zSeries mainframe customers can now take advantage of McDATA's inter-switch link exclusive load balancing capabilities with McDATA OpenTrunking for Enterprise Operating System (E/OS) 8.