IBM branding

IBM branding

IBM products have undergone numerous evolutions and name changes over the years. In the following summary, the latest series is at the top of each list:
MAINFRAMES"Z" BRANDS IBM Z (renaming of System z)

  System z (renaming of zSeries)

 eServer  zSeries (evolved from System/390)

  System/390 (followed System 370)

  System/370 (followed System 360)

  System/360 (original system)

 x86-BASED SERVERS"X" BRANDS (Acquired by Lenovo in 2014) System x (renaming of xSeries)

 eServer  xSeries (renaming of Netfinity)

  Netfinity (renaming of PC Server)

  PC Server (original system)

 MIDRANGE BUSINESS SYSTEMS"I" BRANDS Power Systems (System i and p merged)

  System i (renaming of iSeries)

  i5 (evolution of iSeries)

 eServer  iSeries (renaming of AS/400)

  AS/400 (System/38 evolution of
          and support for System/36)

  System/38 (original system)

  System/36 (original system)

 SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL WORKSTATIONS"P" BRANDS Power Systems (System i and p merged)

  System p (renaming of pSeries)

  p5 (evolved from pSeries)

 eServer  pSeries (renaming of RS/6000)

  RS/6000 (original system)
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