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(1) Currently, an electronic book for Apple's mobile devices and the Mac. See e-book and iOS.

(2) An earlier family of laptop computers from Apple. Soon after the first iMac, the iBook debuted in 1999 with a 300 MHz G3 processor and a built-in wireless antenna. At the same time, Apple also introduced its Wi-Fi family of products under the Airport brand name.

iBooks and PowerBooks
The iBooks were consumer-based laptops aimed at students and beginners, while the PowerBooks were Apple's higher-end laptops. The iBook G4 was the last iBook model, and both the PowerBook and iBook lines were superseded by Intel-based MacBooks in 2006 and 2007, respectively (see MacBook). See PowerBook, iMac and AirPort.

The Original iBook
Although subsequent iBooks are more streamlined, the first iBook was very popular. It offered a somewhat playful look in the midst of all the look-alike products of that time. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)
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It follows the recently released MSF iBook, 'Intersection: Sharing the Road' and prior to that, 'Intersection: Leader's Guide.
The project's continuing success is owed to the presence of a few vital ingredients: a collection of powerful technology tools in the iBook, willing educators around the globe, and a teacher who did not allow her lack of technical skills to prevent her students from using the Macintosh to open global vistas of learning.
In the last week or two, I heard about a guy with an iBook who had ants, too," says Paul Thomas of Eugene-based Computer House Calls.
recently graduated its first class to have the benefit of personal Apple iBooks for most of their high school careers.
The ibook G4 models have one available memory expansion slot for main memory expansion and 128 MB of RAM soldered on the system logic board.
The other request was directed at 164 retailers, asking them to keep iBook prices in a range of 178,000 yen to 218,000 yen, the FTC officials said.
I am going to get iBook for personal use as soon as it is available in my area.
Apple only unveiled the iBook a little over a month ago, to build on the success of last year's iMac.
com)-- The online language learning portal Babbel has published an iBook for native speakers of English to learn Spanish.
One of my ongoing projects is keeping our 2003 Apple iBook in working condition.
The new MacBook reportedly offers performance up to five times faster than the iBook and up to four times faster than the 12-inch PowerBook, with a new system architecture including a 667 MHz front-side bus and 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM memory expandable to 2GB.
After the stunning new iMac comes the latest G4 iBook range.