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(International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) A classification of diagnostic codes in the medical field published by the World Health Organization (WHO). Stemming from the French Bertillon classification in the late 1800s, the WHO took over ICD in 1946. The three-volume ICD-9 CM (ICD-Version 9 Clinical Modifications) was introduced in 1979 and is also the HIPAA transaction code set.

Physicians use Volumes 1 and 2 of ICD-9 CM for diagnostic codes and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for their procedures. Volume 3 of ICD-9 CM is used by hospitals for procedure codes.

ICD-10, ICD-10 CM and ICD-10 PCS
ICD-Version 10 has been used for morbidity and mortality statistics worldwide since 1994 and in the U.S. since 1999. ICD-10 CM, introduced in 2002, replaces ICD-9 CM with a final adoption deadline of October 1, 2013, mandated by Health and Human Services (HHS).

ICD-10 CM includes 68,000 diagnostic codes, five times more than ICD-9 CM. It expanded the code from five to seven characters, allowing alpha, except for U, in position four through seven (from ANN.NN to ANN.AAA A).

ICD-10 (PCS) Procedural Coding System replaces Volume 3 of ICD-9 CM for hospital procedure codes. See SNOMED CT, LOINC and healthcare IT.
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Each version of the DSM has had ICD codes that have been matched as closely as possible to similar ICD terms for those codes, so this is nothing really different.
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The American Psychiatric Association has said that when a new version of the ICD is implemented in the United States, the DSM version in use at that time will be modified to include the new ICD codes.
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Among those visits, an ICD code for major depression was used in 1,179 visits representing 630 patients.
Patient utilization information can be accessed conveniently by keyword or by ICD code.
The ICD code for CDAD typically does not appear in the primary and secondary diagnosis; overall, 60% of all CMS records list CDAD as codes 3-10 (3).
Bond Clinician EHR has taken advantage of a great deal of the enhanced functionality capable with IMO's terminologies such as primary and secondary ICD code mapping, and links to SNOMED(R) CT.