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Analysis of heart movements in the cardiac cycle by means of electronic instruments, especially by tracings.



the recording of the heart’s contractions; in the broader sense, all methods of registering the heart’s contractile functions.

The first cardiogram (more precisely, a mechanocardiogram) was taken by the French physiologist E. Marey in 1863 by recording the cardiac impulse at the fifth intercostal space. An impulse results when the heart contracts from an ellipsoid, becoming rounder and thicker, its apex rising and pressing against the chest wall. The irregularity of individual waves on the cardiogram and the difficulty of interpretation led to the replacement of the method by more refined ones: ultrasound impulse cardiography, ballistocardiography, dynamocardiography, kinetocardi-ography, seismokymography, roentgenokymography, electro-kymography, and phonocardiography.


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The ICG acquisition is a major milestone in our strategic plan for expansion and I am comfortable in saying there is more to come.
ICG now operates seven full-service centers across the United States, with two in California and one each in Washington, Texas, Illinois, Ohio and New Jersey.
To that end ICG's strategy is market leading and TNS looks forward to providing superior signaling service to ICG and its customers.
Founded in 1996, ICG devotes its expertise and capital to maximizing the success of e-business companies that take advantage of the evolution to the Internet in key business sectors.
Lonnie Weaver, General Manager of Analogic's Life Care Systems Division, noted, "The LIFEGARD ICG is a significant advance in hemodynamic monitoring because it offers cardiac measurements that were previously limited to only high-acuity environments and critically ill patients.
The LIFEGARD ICG is available now directly from Analogic or through its international distribution network.
The PREDICT trial indicates that ICG variables may be able to identify patients at highest or lowest risk of a heart failure event during the 14 days following testing -- and when included together with other clinical variables -- may improve the short-term predictive power of the clinical assessments currently in routine use.
The excellent results from PREDICT are a key milestone for CardioDynamics' ICG to the medical community.
In addition, ICG and MCCC have signed an interim credit facility under which MCCC will provide bridge financing to ICG on a senior secured basis.
As a result of this transaction, ICG will continue to strengthen its commitment to its customers," said Jeffrey R.
The company develops, manufactures and sells impedance cardiography and venous blood flow products, including the Rheoscreen(R) product line, and Cardioscreen(R) and Niccomo(R) ICG monitors.
With the addition of Medis, we will increase our European presence and add complementary technologies to our existing ICG product platforms.