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(veterinary medicine)
A dermatitis of fresh-water fishes caused by the invasion of the skin by the ciliated protozoan Ichthyophthirius multifiliis.

Intel Hub Architecture

Intel's architecture for the 8xx family of chipsets, starting with the 820. It uses a memory controller hub (MCH) that is connected to an I/O controller hub (ICH) via a 266 MB/sec bus. The MCH chip supports memory and AGP, while the ICH chip provides connectivity for PCI, USB, sound, IDE hard disks and LAN.

Because of the high-speed channel between the sections, the Intel Hub Architecture (IHA) is much faster than the earlier Northbridge/Southbridge design, which hooked all low-speed ports to the PCI bus. The IHA also optimizes data transfer based on data type. See Northbridge and Intel chipsets.

Intel Hub Architecture
Intel introduced its hub architecture starting with the 820 chipset, which divides control between a memory controller chip (MCH) and an I/O controller chip (ICH). This is an illustration of the 850.
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Results: Anticoagulants increase the risk and severity of ICH; the association is not as clear with the use of antithrombotic agents.
Als Mitglied wissenschaftlicher Akademien mochte ich den Wissenschaftsforderern im Deutschen Bundestag und in den Landerparlamenten zurufen: Baut die Forschung zu mehr Frieden und zur internationalen Sicherheitspolitik aus, und zwar zunachst an den Universitaten!
Administration of specific [alpha]7nAChR agonists results in neuroprotection following experimental ICH [11, 12]; however, possible underlying anti-inflammatory mechanisms of this treatment strategy have yet to be explored.
Gesondert bedanken mochte ich mich bei Jaak Mall (Estnisches Geschichtsmuseum Tallinn) fur die Vermittlung der vielen praktischen Einsichten in den handwerklichen und archaologisch-experimentellen Sektor (u.a.
The authors noted in earlier publications (3, 4) that 2-6 h might be required for the evolution of the higher GFAP concentrations seen in ICH patients, thereby leading in the present study to a "lower diagnostic accuracy of the GFAP test in the very early phase of the disease (<2 h) as compared with the 2-6 h time window" (1).
To do so, it examines the connection--noted in contemporary reviews--between Ich fur Dich, a lesser-known film by one of the Third Reich's most prominent directors, and Madchen in Uniform (Girls in Uniform, dir.
Jeder Mensch, der mich kennt, weiss, dass ich ein passionierter Bleistiftsammler bin.
- Wie komme ich am besten zur nichsten Toilette bitte, ich fchle mich krank