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An extensible, interpretated language by Tim Long with syntax similar to C. ICI adds high-level garbage-collected associative data structures, exception handling, sets, regular expressions, and dynamic arrays.

Libraries provide additional types and functions to support common needs such as I/O, simple databases, character based screen handling, direct access to system calls, safe pointers, and floating-point.

ICI runs on Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Unix, and Linux and in embedded environments.



E-mail: Andy Newman <andy@research.canon.com.au>.

Mailing list: ici@research.canon.com.au.


Abbr. for “International Commission on Illumination.”
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Four trainees on the foundation course at ICI Wilton are, from the left, |Paul McLaren, of Nunthorpe, John Galvin, of Loftus, Alan Geddes, and Martin Duffy, both of Middlesbrough.
Although it believes that ICI Pakistan's paints business is of clear commercial benefit for the company, AkzoNobel maintains that transferring ownership of ICI Pakistan's other businesses would provide the best opportunity for those businesses to realize their full potential.
In addition to becoming the paint industry's international leader, the buyout of ICI means Akzo will retain pole position in the industrial coatings market, fending off the challenge from US group PPG Industries.
Tim van der Zanden, spokesman for the Dutch firm, said a decision on ICI would be made in the next couple of months and he stressed it was putting aside emotions surrounding one of Britain's iconic brands.
ICI, which has 26,000 staff worldwide, has major UK bases in Slough, Berkshire; Stowmarket, Suffolk; Prudhoe, Northumberland; Birmingham and Hull.
ICI, which has around 3,500 staff in the UK, turned down an initial pounds 7.
Under terms of the agreement, ICI Paints will receive a designation as an "Official corporate partner of Major League Soccer" and the company's Glidden brand will become the "Official paint of Major League Soccer.
There are 13 examples illustrating the impact of the SPOCI rules and 12 applying the ICI rules.
The Zeneca businesses are R&D intensive; the ICI businesses are capital intensive.
Louis Moustgaard, director of engineering and construction for the Regional Municipality of Sudbury, estimates that 3,500 metric tons of cardboard waste is produced in the region by the ICI sector alone.
Nonetheless, ICI chalked up its first North American application just two months ago.
PITTSBURGH -- PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ICI India Ltd.