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An extensible, interpretated language by Tim Long with syntax similar to C. ICI adds high-level garbage-collected associative data structures, exception handling, sets, regular expressions, and dynamic arrays.

Libraries provide additional types and functions to support common needs such as I/O, simple databases, character based screen handling, direct access to system calls, safe pointers, and floating-point.

ICI runs on Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Unix, and Linux and in embedded environments.



E-mail: Andy Newman <andy@research.canon.com.au>.

Mailing list: ici@research.canon.com.au.
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Abbr. for “International Commission on Illumination.”
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Muhammad SohailTabba, Chairman, ICI Pakistan Limited says the company had invested significantly to create value for its stakeholders and through its acquisition by YBG, it had been infused with revived spirits and renewed energy to relentlessly pursue growth opportunities in both the existing businesses and new ventures.
The subsidiary of the company is ICI Pakistan Power Gen Limited incorporated in Pakistan as an unlisted public company.
The ICI board recommended final cash dividend for the year ended June 30 at Rs4.50 per share which was in addition to Rs4.50 per share, already paid.
Blue Acorn iCi's presence spans across the United States.
Truscott, as immediate past ICI Chairman, was elected to serve as Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors for a one-year term.
Memories of ICI will see photographs, plant maps, magazines and manuals as well as copies of old ICI internal newspapers put on display at High Grange Community Centre in Billingham on Sunday, October 14.
The ICI Pakistan Limited announced the successful commissioning and commencement of operations of Phase 1 of the 150,000 tons per annum (TPA) expansion project, at its Soda Ash manufacturing facility in Khewra.
The centre is also focusing on ways to respond to chemical, biological, nuclear and radioactive accidents, Shaikh Fawaz Al Sabah, head of security information and follow-up at the Bureau, said in a statement following a meeting of the ICI advisory group.
ICI Pakistan will also acquire the pharmaceutical brands Entox-P, Lederplex, Lederrif, Mucaine, Nilstat, TriHEMIC and Wymox.
It said this marked the beginning of a week of seminars and meetings to be held by ICI Pakistan Limited with livestock breeders in Sargodha, Sahiwal, Khanewal and Multan to exclusively launch world-leading bovine genetics for livestock breeders across Pakistan.
PRIZEWINNING Shelley High School pupils are pictured with, back row, from left Mr Bill Mackie, ICI works manager, Mr Phil Bracewell, ICI works engineer, and Mr John Turner, head of the school''s design faculty, at the Shelley High/ICI Industrial Design Awards presentations in May 1992.