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(1) (ICalendar Schedule) A calendar invitation message file format. See iCalendar.

(2) (Ice Cream Sandwich) See Android versions.

(3) (Internet Connection Sharing) A Windows Internet sharing feature that enables the Internet connection on a computer to be shared with other computers. Introduced in Windows 98, ICS software performs the functions of a router, which is commonly used to connect multiple computers to the Internet. See Internet sharing and wireless router.

(4) (Internet Chess Server) A server that allows people to play chess over the Internet. ICS input and output is normally text, but XICS provides a graphical interface. See XICS.
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The built-in ability for multiple agencies to coordinate their efforts for the common good while maintaining their autonomy, authority, and jurisdiction represents one of the most appealing aspects of ICS.
ICS provides a separate interface for assisting or mutual-aid agencies that have no legal responsibility.
Established ICS guidelines for span-of-control range from 1:3 to 1:7, with 1:5 being the norm.
In his view, the ability to use hotter "hard" tooling and a premixed internal release agent in the ICS process defines a new generation of RTM technology.
Another key point is that while a typical RTM process involves polymer/catalyst blending at the resin mix-head, the ICS technology can utilize a premixed, batch-blended resin system with the built-in release agent.
The ICS process also represents a major advance for RTM in terms of being accessible to higher quality "hard" tooling.