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(1) (ICalendar Schedule) A calendar invitation message file format. See iCalendar.

(2) (Ice Cream Sandwich) See Android versions.

(3) (Internet Connection Sharing) A Windows Internet sharing feature that enables the Internet connection on a computer to be shared with other computers. Introduced in Windows 98, ICS software performs the functions of a router, which is commonly used to connect multiple computers to the Internet. See Internet sharing and wireless router.

(4) (Internet Chess Server) A server that allows people to play chess over the Internet. ICS input and output is normally text, but XICS provides a graphical interface. See XICS.
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Adolescent or school-aged children with severe persistent asthma (step 4) should take a medium or high dose of ICS together with LABA, with the authors recommending adding tiotropium to a soft-mist inhaler, combination high-dose ICS and LTRA, or a combination high-dose ICS and theophylline.
Through the pilot, we were able to determine that the copilot was hearing all communications but unable to transmit over ICS. After a brief discussion, the air control officer (ACO) suggested we use our squadron tactical frequency to test if he was able to transmit on the radio.
In 2013, a Cochrane review analyzed the risk of mortality and nonfatal serious adverse events in patients treated with the LABA salmeterol in combination with ICS, compared with patients receiving the same dose of ICS alone.
Latter he reached at the ICS main gate where some IJT activists were standing.
ICS specializes in designing and integrating sophisticated audio video solutions for the corporate world and will customize and install a broad range of Christie's high performance technologies.
Both receive path ICs deliver up to 30dB of noise reduction, provide click- and pop-less operation at start-up and during mode switching.
Suppose a PDN to be a linear network with named nodes and branches, and current flowing from VRM through PDN to ICs. The impedance at any location of a PDN can be defined as
Army learn, adopt, and institute the Incident Command System (ICS).
We even have some evidence that regular inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) in MPA may reduce exacerbations and prevent decline in lung function.
And while the jury is still out on whether as-needed inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) positively affect airway remodeling, there is likewise little firm evidence that daily use is any more effective.
Community members opposed the racetrack on the grounds that the 450 acre site might be contaminated and that it might draw unwanted automobile traffic to the island, issues which overcoming would have added significant financial challenges, said Lenny Santiago, spokesperson for ICS.