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(1) (ICalendar Schedule) A calendar invitation message file format. See iCalendar.

(2) (Ice Cream Sandwich) See Android versions.

(3) (Internet Connection Sharing) A Windows Internet sharing feature that enables the Internet connection on a computer to be shared with other computers. Introduced in Windows 98, ICS software performs the functions of a router, which is commonly used to connect multiple computers to the Internet. See Internet sharing and wireless router.

(4) (Internet Chess Server) A server that allows people to play chess over the Internet. ICS input and output is normally text, but XICS provides a graphical interface. See XICS.
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ICS mitigates this problem by providing certain common definitions of organizational functions, resources, and facilities.
ICS provides a structured planning process in which managers develop lists of both tactical objectives and available resources, prioritize the objectives, and then assign resources to accomplish each objective in order of priority.
Efficient resource management stands as a hallmark of ICS.
More than any other ICS management concept, integrated communications requires prior planning.
Houchois says the more precise, net-shape molding capability of the ICS process reduces trim scrap and does away with the "overkill" practice of venting excessive amounts of waste resin to ensure the removal of air pockets and dry spots inside the tool.
Prior to using the ICS process, APX manufactured this hinge cover via a traditional RTM process with epoxy tooling.
Moore says he welcomes the advent of the ICS technology primarily for the enhancements it offers in tooling design.
APX recently signed a cooperative licensing agreement with Sora Composites to utilize its technology in North America and jointly develop and fine tune ICS processing.