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(1) (International Data Corporation, Framingham, MA, A major market research, analysis and consulting firm in the information field. Founded in 1964, it provides annual briefings and in-depth reports on all aspects of the industry. IDC is a subsidiary of the International Data Group (IDG).

(2) (Internet Database Connector) A component of Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) Web server that is used to access ODBC-compliant databases. IDC uses two file types. The .IDC file contains the query statement that is sent to the database. The results of the query are placed into an HTML extension file (.HTX file) and returned to the user's browser via IIS. IDC is an ISAPI DLL named HTTPODBC.DLL.

(3) (Internet DataCenter) See telecom hotel.

(4) (Insulation Displacement Connector) A type of connector that strips off the insulation of the wire to make contact with it. The wire is pushed into the connector with a punchdown tool. See punch block.

An IDC Block
Note the "V" teeth on this 66 punch block. As the wire is pushed down into the teeth, the insulation is stripped and the wire makes contact with the conductor.
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Developed and delivered under IDC's newly launched Worldwide LAN QView service, this quarterly LAN market tracking data represents IDC's most up-to-the-minute insight into technology adoption, customer acceptance, and supplier performance within the major LAN equipment markets.
IDC's attempt to bring DDI and TTNet into its fold appears to be aimed at establishing a powerful alliance capable of rivaling Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
The new IDC board consists of five Britons and four Japanese, it said.
IDC's study Moving Pictures: The Future of Mobile Devices and Imaging, includes a high-level view of the drivers and inhibitors affecting the implementation of imaging technology in the mobile device market.
IDC's recently published Wordwide Telephony Speech Processing Software Market Forecast and Analysis, 2001-2005 (IDC #25704) presents a five-year revenue forecast of this market, along with an in-depth analysis on key trends, market drivers, and market inhibitors.
IDC's new report, Erratic Signal: Worldwide Handset Market Forecast and Analysis, 2000-2005 (IDC #B25417), reviews the market's 2000 performance and forecasts shipments by air interface technology and region through 2005.
IDC delivers dependable, high-impact insights and advice on the future of ebusiness, the Internet, and information technology to help organizations make sound business decisions.
"To attract and retain customers, cable modem services must be reliable, the installation process must be fast and easy, and pricing must be compelling and competitive with other broadband services pricing," said Brad Baldwin, director of IDC's Broadband Markets and Technologies research.
IDC estimated by yearend 2000, Windows 2000 Professional shipments accounted for more than 40% of combined Windows 2000 Professional and Windows NT Workstation shipments.
Molecular Probes may move IDC to Eugene in 18 months when IDC's lease on its Portland space expires.
Both companies, though, clearly lagged BEA Systems Inc and IBM Corp, which came second and first in IDC's survey.