IEC 61131

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IEC 61131

A family of programming languages for programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Of the three graphical and two textual languages, ladder logic (see example below) was the first language and widely used. IEC 61131 was previously known as IEC 1131. See PLC.

 ladder logic
 function block diagram
 sequential function chart


 structured text
 instruction list

The following example of ladder logic shows how logical AND and OR gates are diagrammed. In this case, x = a AND (b OR c).

   ---[ ]-----|--[ ]--|-----( )---
       a      |   b   |      x
              |       |
              |--[ ]--|
              |   c   |
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Integrating a PLC, the inverters demonstrate their support for drive-related functions according to IEC 61131. They can also be suited for safety applications and feature sophisticated functions such as synchronisation, coordinated multi-axis operation, and flying shear.
American Industrial Systems Inc (AIS) has released machine-level and site-level human-machine interface (HMI) solutions by packaging together a complete rugged industrial touch screen HMI and data acquisition loggers configured with IEC 61131 programming languages and IEC 60870-5 and IEC 61850 communication protocols.