IEC 61131

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IEC 61131

A family of programming languages for programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Of the three graphical and two textual languages, ladder logic (see example below) was the first language and widely used. IEC 61131 was previously known as IEC 1131. See PLC.

 ladder logic
 function block diagram
 sequential function chart


 structured text
 instruction list

The following example of ladder logic shows how logical AND and OR gates are diagrammed. In this case, x = a AND (b OR c).

   ---[ ]-----|--[ ]--|-----( )---
       a      |   b   |      x
              |       |
              |--[ ]--|
              |   c   |
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The groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller now includes international standard IEC 61131-3 programming options in addition to the existing flowchart and custom user-written options.
Lamtec says for applications that cannot be addressed using standard configurations and parameterisation, the CMS offers the opportunity for experienced/trained customers to freely programme non-safety critical functions using CODESYS soft PLC IEC 61131-3 development software.
Configured with the standard Bedrock IEC 61131-3 engineering tools, the Bedrock OSA Remote combines a programmable logic controller (PLC), remote terminal unit (RTU) and edge capabilities; universal I/O; and, of course, intrinsic cybersecurity.
cMT3090 with built-in CODESYS is a high-performance HMI in compliance with IEC 61131-3 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) standard.
In this scenario, some standards were developed to standardize PLCs in industrial systems as well as the programming languages that could be used, such as IEC 61131-3 [3].
IEC 61131-3 standard programming and PL Copen Function Blocks for motion control
Kollmorgen recently introduced its IEC 61131-3 Programmable Automation and Motion Controller Multi-axis Master, a new motion controller that integrates programming, configuration, screens, and diagnostics in a single software package to simplify and minimize setup time.
Programmable Logic Controllers: A Practical Approach to IEC 61131-3 Using Codesys
Yaskawa's front-end programming portal, MotionWorks IEC, achieves unified control programming and supports IEC 61131-3 object-based PLC programming standards.
The CFW500 range is available in power ratings from 0.18-22 kW for automation applications including centrifugal and process pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors, and has a built-in micro-PLC, which can be programmed to the IEC 61131-3 coding standard.
The IEC 61131-3 standard brings together the most common programming languages into a single standard, and defines data types, variables, and how programs are written and executed on PLCs [l].