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Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)

A professional organization of electrical, electronic, and systems engineers having its headquarters at Savoy Place, London WC2R OBL.
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That's why we asked the proponent to prepare an IEE report, which was reviewed by an expert committee and approval was granted.' He also cited several conditions Sepa had attached to the approval, including an environmental management plan, to ensure that coal was safely handled and stored at the facility.
Also present were Melco Senior Vice President and Group President of Building Systems Group Yasuyuki Ito, Melco Executive Officer and Group President of Living Environment and Digital Media Equipment Tadashi Matsumoto, Meltec President Masami Yoshikawa, MC Senior Vice President and Division COO Terutora Urano, IEE Executive Vice President Itsuo Arakawa, IEE Vice President and Treasurer Melecio Vicencio, IEE Assistant Vice President for E/E Service Henry Bayonas and IEE Assistant Vice President for E/E Installation, Localization and Safety Alfredo Pantaleon.
IEE, which now employs 600 people, has played a vital role in shaping the architectural history of multi-level and high-rise buildings in the country.
An official of EPA said that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) topped the list of project initiators for which EIA and IEE applications were rejected.
IEE, is a provider of enhanced displays for military, industrial, and retail applications.
Nos obstante, la labor asistencial del IEE fue significativa sobre unos emigrantes politicamente desinteresados --sin la influencia de republicanos exiliados, como ocurria en Francia--, pero que conectaron con las organizaciones sindicales alemanas y grupos democraticos.
"Based on review of the New Jersey regulation, OSEP's assessment is that N.J.A.C 6A:14-2.5(c)(1) limits the parents' rights to an IEE by giving the public agency an opportunity to conduct an assessment in an area not covered by the initial evaluation or reevaluation before the parents are granted the IEE.
Primeiramente, serao analisados os resultados obtidos para o relacionamento IFNC e IEE, e posteriormente aqueles encontrados para a relacao entre IFNC e ICON.
Specifically, Extension educators would be more likely to participate in an international Extension experience (IEE) if they perceive a more favorable attitude toward an IEE.
History shows that all the nations that have made a jump from poverty to wealth, embarked on some form of indigenisation and economic empowerment (IEE).
Treinta pares de estimulos con un intervalo entre estimulos (IEE) de 40 ms y con un intervalo entre pares de 10 s, al cabo de los cuales se repitio la misma pauta de estimulo pero cambiando paulatinamente a IEE de 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 y 200 ms.