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which is element-wise backward stable since under the IEEE floating point standard, we have that the computed roots satisfy
In 1996, Silicon Graphics/Cray introduced a new processor option for IEEE floating point compliance, a widely accepted industry standard.
Additional enhancements include the introduction of System Management Facility (SMF) recording, enhanced trace capability, support for IEEE floating point and security support for digital certificates, ensuring sender authenticity.
The CRAY-4 provides HIPPI channels for I/O connectivity and IEEE floating point format to enhance interoperability with workstations.
The VFP10 coprocessor offers high performance single and double precision IEEE floating point in a small die size by adopting the RISC approach of implementing simple, common operations in silicon and allowing software to handle rare exceptional cases.
A notable strength of the SIMD processor array is variable precision floating point for those frequently occurring applications requiring less (and sometimes more) than the standard 64 bit IEEE floating point arithmetic.
The Sierra C compiler contains several key features such as highly optimized code, rapid compilation times, ROMable code, position independent and reentrant code generation and support for resident libraries, fragmented address space and IEEE floating point format.
2 is currently running on CRAY J90 and CRAY T90 platforms and is now also available on the IEEE floating point version of the CRAY T90.
GOFAST joins US Software's line of IEEE floating point products for the embedded marketplace.
The TM-66 is a 32-bit IEEE floating point vector DSP chip optimized for real and complex FFTs, convolutions, correlations and matrix multiplies.
It provides a homogeneous environment that allows data sharing using the same IEEE floating point format.
He was the driving force behind the IEEE Ethernet Standard and was instrumental in the development of the IEEE Floating Point Standard.

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