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iepg: un indice para medir la posicion de los paises en la globalizacion.
(6) Para ampliar informacion sobre el IEPG vease Molina y Olivie (2011).
In 1979 the program became the Ecumenical Institute of Post-Graduation (IEPG), offering master's and doctoral degrees.
In 1986, an IEPG report, Towards a Stronger Europe, identified the need for juste retour, a fair return, in the form either of technology transfer or work sharing...for a purchasing country's investment in a weapons program.
To this end the Europeans have formed the Independent European Program Group (IEPG) to coordinate European defense procurement practices.
The NATO Independent European Programme Group (IEPG) has a requirement for about 400 of these next-generation transport systems and is engaged in formulating an European Staff Target.