IFR aircraft

IFR (instrument flight rules) aircraft

An aircraft conducting its flight in accordance with instrument flight rules.
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That number is slated to increase due to Australia's safety regulator, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), mandating that all IFR aircraft flying in Australia's airspace be ADS-B equipped by February 2017.
The rules regarding separation of IFR aircraft are rigid.
12) Although both the pilot and air traffic controllers share responsibility for the safe conduct of a VFR flight, it is not enough for a controller to warn only IFR aircraft of other traffic and let the VFR planes fend for themselves.
The initial contract is for ten helicopters, which will include two (2) medium twin engine, IFR aircraft and eight (8) small single engine, VFR aircraft.
The next high point in the country s transition to ADS-B will take place on February 6, when CASA regulations needs that new instrument flight rule (IFR) aircraft registrations in Australia, plus new transponder installations in older IFR aircraft, be ADS-B capable.
6, 2017 all Australian-registered IFR aircraft flying within Australia s airspace must operate using ADS-B.
The Bell Model 427 IFR aircraft is expected to receive Federal Aviation Administration certification during the fourth quarter of 2006, with initial deliveries expected during the final quarter of 2007.
We believe that the Bell 427 IFR aircraft will offer an attractive option for our current Bell 222 customers that require two patient, cabin class capability, while maintaining cost sensitivity.
Users can select the weather data products, such as NOWrad(R) radar mosaics, satellite imagery and plotted in-flight weather advisories, and can simultaneously overlay the relative positions of IFR aircraft in flight.
In addition, Flight Explorer already includes a real-time picture of all IFR aircraft and weather over the United States, the UK (for authorized customers), New Zealand, the Caribbean and parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Air Methods utilize only FAA-certified IFR aircraft (consisting of 22 helicopters and 5 airplanes) in performing these services.
Air Methods utilizes only FAA-certified IFR aircraft (consisting of 21 helicopters and 5 airplanes) in performing these services, and provides a complete medical system for administering intensive care to patients while flying to either a Level I trauma center or a tertiary care facility, either from outlying hospitals or the scene of an accident.