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(ĭg`lo͞o) [Inuit,=house]. The Eskimos traditionally had three types of houses. A summer house, which was basically a tent, a winter house, which was usually partially dug into the ground and covered with earth; and a snow or ice house. The latter was a dome-shaped dwelling constructed of blocks of snow placed in an ascending spiral with a low tunnel entrance. Although it can provide adequate protection for weeks in severe cold, it was used almost exclusively as a temporary shelter while traveling.


An Inuit house constructed of snow blocks or various other materials such as wood, sod, poles and skins; when of snow, a domed structure is employed.

What does it mean when you dream about an igloo?

Dreaming about an igloo might refer to a home life that one feels is “cold,” or a parent one feels was aloof. Alternatively, an igloo can be shelter against the threatening cold.

igloo, iglu

A hemispherical shell, built by Eskimos of blocks of ice or packed snow as a temporary dwelling for a single family; usually about 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 m) in diameter at its base, with the floor often partially below the surrounding terrain. Daylight within was provided by one or more blocks of relatively transparent freshwater ice, or by an opening covered with a piece of translucent seal intestine. Entry was usually along a domed passageway.


, iglu
a hollow made by a seal in the snow over its breathing hole in the ice
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