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Chisholm, president of the ISGS since 1947, ran for reelection on a platform based on "unifying" or "merging" the IGS with the ISGS.
IGS Propane is reportedly Ferrellgas' third acquisition in its fiscal year that began 1 August 2012.
As a result, the current SFEG and IGS shareholders will hold 61.
New England has featured high on Ferrellgas' growth agenda for quite a while and the purchase of IGS Propane adds a quality business to the Ferrellgas family.
IGSa[euro](tm) board will consist of four directors appointed by SFEG and one director nominated by IGS, SFEG added.
IGS trustee Thom Gencarelli chaired a panel titled "Roundtable on General Semantics Today: Challenges and Opportunities" at the annual International Communication Association conference in June in Singapore.
On completion of the merger, IGS must have (a) a minimum of A$10.
Ben Fox, IGS Founder and Co-director, said, 'We take the time to learn about the BPMs poducts and consider which elements are important to communicate in a BIM workflow.
In May, Lance traveled to Chicago to represent the Institute at the 2009 International Communications Association (ICA) Conference, where, in addition to an exhibit table, IGS sponsored a session as an ICA affiliate that featured IGS trustee Corey Anton, past trustee Bruce Kodish, and Roosevelt University communication professor Peter Fallon.
On the last day of the conference, IGS president Martin H.
IGS Energy declared that it has purchased DPL Energy Resources, the unregulated provider that had been an affiliate of Dayton Power & Light.