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CEO of Libra Capital, Rachid Laaouimir said: "We are delighted to be working with a company as reliable and experienced in successful marina development and management as Mourjan Marinas IGY for The Riviera Waterfront Project.
The executive developments we are making with Iain and Matthew are compatible with the objectives we have for the future of Mourjan Marinas IGY," said Michael Horrigan, CEO of Mourjan Marinas IGY.
The new contract extends the successful relationship between Dubai Festival City and Mourjan Marinas IGY who will continue to utilise its design, engineering, management and marketing expertise to benefit one of Dubai's most stunning waterfronts, said Matthew Bate, director of Operations, Mourjan Marinas IGY.
The large-scale, synchronous observations from the IGY required equally large-scale data repositories and publication efforts, so IGY organizers established a set of World Data Centers to collect, manage, and store the volumes of information.
As part of the Dubai International Boat Show 2010, Mourjan Marinas IGY will also offer a 50 per cent discount on berthing fees for six months and annual contracts, the statement added.
Tom Mukamal, the chief executive of IGY Marinas, said: "We have been actively pursuing numerous marina opportunities in the Mediterranean as part of our strategic plan to enhance our global network of berthing options for the superyacht market and expand our Anchor Club strategic platform.
SCAR was formed at The Hague in February 1958 by international scientists to continue the scientific cooperation from the IGY with Ingenieur-General Georges Laclavere from France as President.
Legacy for Life is a direct seller of IGY, the patented key ingredient in i26 and Legacy for Life Products, the company said.
IGY effort, COM shared with USNC an institutional home at the National Academy of Sciences.
Accordingly, this publication chronicles the widening circle of people involved in all phases of IPY, from planning through postIPY curation and syntheses of information: women, whose representation increased especially between IGY 1957-58 and IPY 2007-08; social scientists, even in the "no people" continent of Antarctica (Ch.
IGY Life Sciences and Technology specializes in the extraction, development and commercialization of antibodies, or immunoglobulin (IgY), taken from chicken egg yolk.
The IGY was intended to promote international scientific programs and cooperation throughout the world, including in Antarctica.