II Messaggero

Messaggero, II


an Italian daily newspaper, founded in Rome in 1878. It is owned by the Perrone family of Italian industrial magnates, who owned (as of 1973) a considerable part of the stock in the Ansaldo metallurgical and machine-building concern. // Messaggero often reflects the opinion of circles close to the government. Circulation, about 224,500 (1975). [16–295–2; updated]

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Franca Giansoldati, Vatican correspondent for the Rome daily newspaper II Messaggero, asked the pope about women in the church.
html) interview with the Vatican correspondent from Rome Daily II Messaggero, Franca Giansoldati, the pontiff was asked to comment on the underlying misogyny in the Catholic Church, which Francis answered at first with a joke.
The Roman newspaper II Messaggero said the cardinals will study the Petrine ministry with the Pope, that is, the role and functions of the primacy of the Bishop of Rome, as well as episcopal collegiality, namely, the ministry of bishops united among themselves and in communion with the Pontiff.