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I2C bus

(Inter-IC bus) A two-line, synchronous, serial bus that is widely used to connect chips together on a circuit board. Also called the "I-squared-C bus" and developed by Philips in the 1980s, it is used as a control bus for every variety of chip from sensors to microprocessors. One chip, typically a microcontroller or DSP, functions as a master and initiates requests, and all other chips are slaves that respond to the master. See SPI bus and IPMI.


(1) An earlier name for an Internet that delivered quality of service (QoS) and enhanced reliability and security. Proposed by the Infranet Initiative Council (IIC) in 2004, which was spearheaded by Juniper Networks, IIC endorsed the use of MPLS as the QoS mechanism. In 2005, the IIC turned into the IPsphere Forum, which promotes the development of a commercial service oriented architecture (SOA) that competes in an unregulated Internet. For more information, visit www.ipsphereforum.org.

(2) (Infranet, Corinth, TX, www.infranet.com) A software company that specializes in workflow and intranet development tools.
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Abbr. for impact isolation class.

impact insulation class (IIC)

A single-number rating used to compare and evaluate the performance of floor-ceiling constructions in isolating impact noises.
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"Local people have misbehaved with the IIC. Action will be taken against them as well.
Senator Maulana Atta-ur-Rehman also opposed the bill on the grounds that committee did not invited Ulema for consultation and brought the bill to the house without hearing them therefore the matter may be send to IIC for further discussion.
"Our collaboration with IIC will foster the growth of IoT technologies and accelerate the adoption of IIoT in the kingdom," he added.
William Lacon will take on the role of deputy Leader of IIC Partners' Energy Practice Group.
IIC stopped being just a way for us to create business opportunities and became our passion.
The registrations are open until October 31, and the IIC has already registered hundreds of men, women and children.
A social media user, while expressing his surprise at a belated response by the IIC chairman, remarked how Chairman of the IIC is ignorant to the extent that he does not know an important hearing by Supreme Court Chief Justice that was widely covered by local and even international media.
The IIC IIAF is the first document to offer a broad scope of requirements and concerns for industrial analytics applied to IIoT systems.
According to IIC and Avnu, the organizations will "align efforts to maximize interoperability, portability, security and privacy for the industrial Internet." The IIC supports two TSN testbeds where member companies collaborate to test TSN implementations and device interoperability.
Joint activities between the IIC and the EdgeX Foundry will include:
Parsi began his pro-Tehran activities in 1997 in Sweden as he founded a small lobby organization called "Iranians for International Cooperation" (IIC) that used its few Washington members to send petitions and letters to Congress members.