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and IFC, incorporation of IIL Australia Pty Ltd and IIL Stainless Steel Pvt Ltd, inauguration of 15-acre facility in Sheikhupura, introduction of large diameter tube mill for Hollow Structural Sections and API line pipe up to 12", commissioned 1600 mm HDPE extruder allowing IIL to produce the largest HDPE pipe in Pakistan, inauguration of PPRC pipes and fittings factory in Sheikhupra, largest single order of API line pipes in Company's history.
IIL said acquiring Orbital adds innovation that complements ILL's offerings, giving Orbital's clients full access to IIL's portfolio of services, products and courses using the company's Many Methods of Learning.
IIL offers a full menu of end finishes including, facing, beveling, threading and roll grooving as per customer demand.
Having no immediate commercial objective, IILs take on positions in strongly interdependent research networks and are more extensively integrated with other globally-based R&D units.
Sakai along with members of IIL Board of Directors attended the event.
It will also allow IIL to cater to the increasing demand of pipes for the oil and gas industry for TAPI , Pak-Iran and LNG gas pipelines projects.
Using qualitative data from a longitudinal investigation of IIL students, Bikos and colleagues (2013; Yamamoto et al.
Realizing the pitfalls of the IIL, Virata wanted to accelerate the liberalization of industry and trade.
The Dubai subsidiary will focus on imparting vocational training in logistics and shipping by offering IIL courses to its students, Pushpakumar said.
Currently IIL is producing 200,000 tons of steel pipes of which 150,000 tons are sold in the domestic market and 50,000 tons amounting to over USD 40 million are exported to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, UAE, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Germany, Italy, UK, USA, Puerto Rico and West Indies.
Muralidharan, Chairman- TMI Group remarked - "We are delighted to be associated in this venture with IIL.
Post this acquisition, IIL will also launch more molecules in the first phase.