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A REXX interpreter for SunOS.

Current version 1.3

electrical metallic conduit (EMC)

Conduit, usually fabricated of steel, which encloses electrical wiring, thereby protecting the wiring from outside damage. The difference between electrical metallic conduit and electrical metallic tubing (EMT) is that conduit is heavy-walled and usually has threaded ends; in contrast, tubing is thinner and is not threaded. Between these two is an intermediate metallic conduit (IMC), which is 25 percent lighter and less costly than EMT; it may be threaded or threadless.


Abbr. for intermediate metallic conduit.

IMC (Instrument meteorological conditions)

The symbol used to designate instrument meteorological conditions. Meteorological conditions are expressed in terms of visibility, distance from clouds, and ceiling, less than the minimums specified for visual flight conditions.


(1) (Integrated Memory Controller) The circuit that handles input and output to the RAM chips. The IMC is built into the processor chip. See RAM.

(2) (Internet Mail Consortium, Santa Cruz, CA, An industry trade association founded in 1996 by Paul Hoffman and Dave Crocker that promotes Internet email standards and features. One of the original anti-spam groups, some of the founding members were Microsoft, Netscape, Qualcomm and Sun. IMC maintains lists of email features supported by its members as well as lists of RFCs of all Internet email standards.
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The IMC Club AOPA Chapter is designed to promote proficiency among AOPA members; headquarters pilot staff, local pilot community in Maryland as well as all IMC Club member pilots worldwide.
Patients at IMC were all ages, both genders, and from varied socioeconomic backgrounds.
SH: IMC is looking at a number of market opportunities, both within the United States and around the world, in order to increase value.
In a move of self-preservation, the IMC opened its doors to a broad range of financial institutions.
This is where most organizations seeking IMC begin, and focus is on functional areas including advertising, promotion, direct response, public relations and special events.
Rockwell's Kusky feels that IMC is "a temporary fix" and that his company is "a couple of years away from eliminating it in 1992 or 1993.
We are very pleased that IMC has selected us to provide these services for their project," said Steve McPhail, President and CEO of Expression Analysis.
After becoming a part of the Berkshire family of businesses, IMC will continue to be managed by its current management team, including Chairman Eitan Wertheimer and President and Chief Executive Officer Jacob Harpaz, as well as the rest of its current worldwide management team.
IMC Networks, a worldwide leader in fiber-optic products, and the Manta Network, a non-profit global conservation organization dedicated to the protection of manta rays, have announced the availability of the MantaCam, a sophisticated continuous underwater video monitoring system designed for use in the open ocean and marine aquariums.
Each year, a staff of approximately 20 students publishes one issue of this academic journal that contains articles, case studies and academic research on topics relevant to the IMC community.
IMC is a Raleigh, NC based investor company with a focus on multi-unit retail chains with high growth potential.
the nation's premier provider of discount vision plans, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with International Med-Care (IMC) through which all current and new customers of IMC will be able to purchase for only $10.