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"Warning for fishermen has been issued for the next five days as very rough sea conditions are likely to prevail over the southwest and the west-central Arabian Sea" the IMD director added.
'For example, IMD equates surplus with competitiveness so that the Philippines, because of its Build, Build, Build program is expected to incur deficits and, thus, be artificially rated as one which is losing in competitiveness.
The DOF said IMD's report covered only 63 countries while other similar competitiveness rankings, such as that of the World Economic Forum (WEF), included up to 140 countries.
Beltran described the IMD global competitiveness report, which showed the Philippines lagging behind other Asian economies, as "biased against developing countries."
"This result was driven by a solid economic performance supported by sustained real [gross domestic product] growth (6.2% in 2018) and an increase in labour force and employment levels," IMD said.
The IMD has predicted light to moderate rainfall at many places with heavy rainfall in isolated places in Kerala over April 29-30, and over north coastal Tamil Nadu on April 30 and May 1.
The IMD Smart District will create new revenue share opportunities; sustainable urbanisation; smarter infrastructure; scalable services; transform human engagement; develop public wi-fi, digital kiosks, transportation and intelligent lighting; enhance the quality of life for citizens and will be easily accessible via the I-290 highway.
On the moving mold half, two IMD films provide different single-image decorations for two cavities.
In 2018 the United States ranks as the most digitally competitive nation in 2018, according to IMD. Singapore took second place, followed by European nations Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland.
'Countries from the region that experience declines this year, with the exception of Taiwan, all show signs of a need to improve their tangible and scientific infrastructure,' said IMD.
IMD Companies, Inc., is engaged in the manufacturing, extraction and distribution in mining, hydroponics industries, and asset accumulations of revenue producing companies.
IMD stands out as a world leader and pioneer in corporate leadership development.