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In the basic webinars for the IMDS, the attendees also complete exercises on the IMDS training system and are granted a certificate afterwards to prove their knowledge.
IMDS compliance is mandatory for auto OEMs, which pass the requirement contractually down the supply chain.
We believe this acquisition allows for expansion into a key market and we bring significant experience and expertise to IMDS, particularly around operational excellence in manufacturing and materials," added Coors.
Russian and other international companies visiting the IMDS will be able to access the key MENA naval market through DIMDEX 2012, as it is the only dedicated maritime defence exhibition and conference in the region.
On the ground at HSL-41, the squadron has an IMDS ground station, a JAHUMS ground station, a JAHUMS portable electronic display device (PEDD), and a 45-inch, plasma, flat-screen for real-time flight monitoring or flight playback.
The IMDS project holds a record of being the first interactive multimedia distribution system ever designed and deployed to fully support the university-wide interactive delivery, retrievals and authoring of multimedia resources for teaching and learning.
I have no doubts that Bryan's broad industry experience makes him a perfect choice to carry on our organization's heritage of innovation and customer focus while bringing new energy to the future of IMDS," said Mr.
The refinancing of our debt facilities is an important milestone in supporting IMDS growth objectives," said Brady Shirley, CEO.
REMIS is a logistics database that receives data from multiple systems including G081 and IMDS at intervals based on the data's criticality.
Developed by CARL and first introduced in 1997, IMDS comprises a suite of integrated products that includes powerful, intuitive public access interfaces and graphical modules for library staff functions.
He is currently Chairman of the Board of IMDS, an orthopedic contract manufacturing and innovation company, a member of the Health Care Advisory Board of Arsenal Capital Partners and a member of the board of directors of Cold Plasma Medical Technologies, a startup company specializing in the field of plasma medicine.