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(SIMple comPUTER) A handheld computer designed by Indian scientists and engineers from Encore Software Ltd. ( and the Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Based on the StrongARM CPU and Linux, it uses graphics and voice output to appeal to users in third-world countries with limited literacy. It also contains a smart card reader for financial transactions and a browser that renders content in the XML-based Information Markup Language (IML), which was designed for devices like the Simputer.

Announced in 1999, the hardware and software specifications were made open source and are part of the non-profit Simputer Trust ( In 2004, a version named the Amida Simputer was introduced to appeal to the retail market.

Simputers, such as this model from PicoPeta, are handheld devices designed for people in third-world countries with limited literacy and computer experience. (Image courtesy of PicoPeta Computers, Bangalore, India,
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Anyone with information for the burglary at Alvanley should quote IML 295774.
Karl Lambrecht, Dairypack Tubs chief executive says, 'We are proud of the team and have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to mastering IML. Our investment in world class machinery and ongoing sharpening of our skills has given us the edge.'
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The crucial contradiction is that in times of globalizing capitalism the IML means a "good living" for parts of humanity at the cost of others--which means it restricts the opportunities for a decent life for many.
With UfLIPseal, the alternative is to injection mold the hinged closure with a peelable IML film, which can be decoratively printed or not, covering the cap's opening.
In collaboration of the IML, the BTB conducted the training programme for 84 students of the institute in seven languages - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic.
It soon became clear that we could only achieve our marketing requirements by using IML packaging - or more specifically, oxygen barrier IML - because mayonnaise should have a shelf life of at least six months as standard."
The IML conference, as described by staff writer Jake Griffin in his series "On Your Dime," has about 130 exhibitors that are not taxpayer funded, and their spending is their own concern.
InkWorks Printing LLC of Plymouth, Wis., offers unique film labels that can be used for IML of injection molded, semidurable products, such as towel dispensers and soap dispensers used in public bathrooms.
On 24 June 2015 MedaPhor announced a new collaboration with IML. This was the first step in an association that has resulted in the acquisition of IML by MedaPhor.