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The IML Click is available exclusively for purchase online at http://central.
By back-molding of a polymer melt into a cavity preloaded with a label, it can occasionally come to situations that the label is folded, slipped, or shifted from its starting position, whereby the injected IML part becomes useless.
or Simon Bryan, Operations Manager of IML North America, +1-781-575-4074, simon.
In the upstream (label handling) sequence, the Hekuma IML System buffers the labels in magazines and preforms them.
Smith Flow Control's IML lock is a safety device that prevents injury or product loss in the food and beverage processing industries.
Because each of these injection molding applications is unique, Automated Assemblies' IML work cells are custom configured, but share similar parameters.
It provides a basic grounding in in-mold labeling and in-mold decorating as well as the fundamentals of extrusion blow molding (IML-B), injection IML (IML-I) thermoform IML (IML-T), the in-mold process, production of in-mold labels, current markets, functions across the IML value chain and future growth opportunities.
Netstal says the typical availability of its injection moulding machines is around 98 percent, with functional interaction with system components such as moulds and IML handling systems meaning Netstal IML systems achieve an OEE factor of around 94 percent.
Tech II started in thermoforming IML with a Model FT3500 machine from Thermoforming Systems LLC (TSL), Union Gap, Wash.
The IML label used for this process covers all or various container walls at the same time.
Our customers are spread throughout North America and about 75% of them are involved in the food business," says owner Donald Caron, who founded IML Labels in 2007.