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with another IML tool slated to be delivered to semiconductor giant Applied Materials, Santa Clara, Calif.
IML products are specifically designed for easy configurability using built-in DIP switches -- no PC is required for the setup
After comparing the samples, Sno-Balls chose to switch its production to IML using a contrasting combination of Verstraete's 'Matte' labels, for a natural look, and 'UltraGloss' labels, for a high-intensity colour finish, for on-shelf differentiation and to enhance the brand's artwork.
This makes IML packaging a modern and consumer-friendly alternative to metal cans.
Flexible software is said to adapt to a wide variety of IML tasks.
With IML, it's not necessary to store or transport blank, unlabeled products, and thick-walled containers can be replaced with thinner-walled ones, cutting down on material use.
Korsini SAF is a leading European IML producer employing 210 people between its two operations in Izmir and one in Milan, Italy.
Simply put, all that the riders have to do is to come to the track and IML will make sure that everything is arranged for them.
According to TWSE, the IML is headquartered in Silicon Valley.
The show will take place at Ragley Hall, on August 9, and tickets, priced from pounds 20 for a child to pounds 35 for an adult, are now on sale at IML Concerts on 01603 660444, on-line at www.
These comprise a Meech 994 IML static generator and accompanying Hydra pinning head fitted to 6 axis robots.