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Nine teachers from the three treatment schools completed an evaluation form at the end of the school year on which they rated their implementation of the IMSE program from 1 to 5 (5: excellent; 4: good; 3: satisfactory; 2: fair; and 1: poor).
Overall, this study provided evidence that the IMSE supplemental reading program helped students at treatment schools acquire phonemic awareness (PSF) and alphabetic principle (NWF) skills more effectively than students at comparison schools.
The IMSE supplemental reading program is designed to be incorporated into existing reading curricula to provide a multisensory, phonetic, and structured instructional tool.
The IMSE reading program in this study is aligned with the U.
The purpose of this investigation was not to separate and examine individual components of the IMSE supplemental reading program; the purpose was to study the effectiveness of this program in a real-world setting in which the teachers in the treatment group implemented this program and the comparison group teachers did not.