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The process of getting WiMAX accepted into IMT-2000 only began in November 2006 (NEWLANDS, December 2006), but has been proceeding with remarkable speed, considering this is the first time an attempt has been made to add a new air interface to the standard.
[3] UNION INTERNACIONAL DE TELECOMUNICACIONES, International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT-2000), Recomendacion M.687-2.
Qtel's Chairman, Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani, commented "It has been an extremely positive experience and we have all learned a tremendous amount about IMT-2000. This seminar has encouraged open dialogue between all the Arab countries and has been a prime example of how we can all work together in order to enhance the cooperation and information exchange between these parties and to debate advancements in technology".
6, for the six paths IMT-2000 vehicular Model-A these powers are defined as: pwr (1) = 0 dB, pwr (2) = -l dB, pwr (3) = -9dB, pwr (4) = -10dB, pwr (5) = -5 dB, and pwr (6) = -20 dB.
Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics says it has become the first in the semiconductor industry to apply the 0.13-micron design rule to SRAM chips to produce a low-power version suitable for use in mobile phones for next generation services such as IMT-2000. After developing the low-power 8Mb SRAM early this year, the company is now starting up mass production of the device and will start full-sale production in the fourth quarter this year.
* The creation of a Special Study Group on IMT-2000 and beyond whose main task will be to enhance network interoperability among existing IMT-2000 systems specified by ITU-T and external standards development organizations (SDOs), Partnership Projects (PPs), IETF, and relevant external forums and to provide a migration path regarding network, aspects and mobility from existing IMT-2000 systems towards systems beyond IMT-2000.
A major milestone was passed in May, when the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) formally adopted the IMT-2000 radio-interface specifications as its blueprint for 3G, "opening the way to a whole new world of multimedia mobile communications," says an ITU release.
Next-generation mobile phone systems will be based on IMT-2000 -- short for International Mobile Telecommunications 2000, the two said.
Most promising is the ITU's IMT-2000 standard (International Mobile Telephone 2000).
Communication is shifting from voice-based wireless services such as cellular phones and PCSs to the IMT-2000 (WCDMA) wireless broadband data service, and the present 2G service bands are expected to gradually converge into the 3G service band.
CDMA2000 1xEV-DO is a widely-deployed 3G CDMA (IMT-2000) solution offering mobile broadband to over 142 million people across a wide range of devices.
(4) 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP): A partnership project that produces detailed specifications for IMT-2000 W-CDMA.