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A human-friendly name in the XRI system for persistent naming on the Internet. I-names are registered to people, businesses, communities, as well as to any data resource. The registrar is an "i-broker," which enables the registrant to manage the i-name data record (the XRDS file).

People are =, Companies are @
A personal i-name starts with an equals sign, such as =john.doe, and a company i-name starts with an at sign, such as @mycompany. People and company i-names are high-level XRI names.

Communities and Data
A community can be created by subdividing an @ i-name with a star (*) preceding each individual, such as @mygroup*john.doe. Data names are created by subdividing a company i-name with a plus sign (+) for each data element, such as @mycompany+productA.

People (=) and company (@) i-names are managed by the i-broker; however, the * and + i-names at a lower level are maintained and managed in local servers, similar to the way lower-level DNS names are stored on a company's own DNS servers, not the top level root servers on the Internet. Individuals with = i-names can also subdivide their name into additional users and data in the same manner. See XRI, XRDS and i-broker.
Symbol   User       I-Name Example

 =        Person     =john.doe

 @        Company    @mycompany

 @ and *  Community  @mygroup*pat

 @ and +  Data       @mycompany+productA
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El 13 de Setiembre de 1989 el Directorio del INAME aprueba el "Plan de Estudios del Curso Regular de Formacion de Educadores" que empezaria a implementarse en Marzo de 1990 con una primera generacion, concretamente el 19 de Marzo se lleva a cabo la primera clase.
La primera etapa consistio en la capacitacion en Jamaica de tecnicos de los paises del CARICOM por parte de tecnicos pertenecientes al INAME.
44), o que gracias a la "profesionalidad, responsabilidad politica y la sensibilidad humana" del profesor Oscar Ravecca--Presidente del Directorio del INAME en 1989-, que escucho la propuesta y apoyo la gestion, comenzo mucho de lo que luego siguio, en "el subsuelo de la casa deshabitada por riesgo de derrumbe ubicada en la calle 25 de Mayo 525" (pp.
Among the most popular are Hotmail, Yahoo, Netscape, net@ddress and iName. BT's talk 21 was launched last week as part of its new BT Click+ package, but you can use talk 21 even if you don't use BT Click+.
On June 1, 1992, the INAME passed into history, and with it a proud legacy of service to the newspaper business.
Any help will be appreciated.--russell-co@ iname.com
Calling this year's INAME conference a "fresh start," Gaulke urged attendees to stop "bad-mouthing" the Ad Bureau.
"By becoming part of this larger organization," INAME president and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel senior vice president for marketing Beverly Klein said, "our members will have greater impact on industry-wide sales and marketing development efforts."
Hall will continue as INAME director until that organization merges with NMI, as well as working with the transition team established to facilitate the start-up of NMI.
The organizations that will be brought under the NMA umbrella with the Ad Bureau are: the International Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives (INAME), the International Newspaper Marketing Association (INMA), the International Circulation Managers Association (ICMA), the Newspaper Research Council (NRC), the Newspaper Advertising Co-op Network (NACON), and the Association of Newspaper Classified Advertising Managers (ANCAM).
INAME's first seminar on Database Marketing and Newspapers, held last year in Washington, D.C., was a sellout.
The information in this article is from a November 1990 INAME Target Call Report and an interview with Tom Curran, vice president of advertising.