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A Unix program for posting Usenet news articles, written by Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews. inews reads an article (perhaps with headers) from a file or standard, adds some headers and possibly a signature, and, if the article passes some consistency checks (too much quoting, non-existent newsgroup) then inews sends the article to the local news server for distribution.

If an unapproved posting is made to a moderated newsgroup, inews will try to send the article to the moderator (specified in a configuration file) by electronic mail.

Version: 1.25, dated 1993/03/18.

Unix manual page: inews(1).
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Throwing light on some of the unique aspects of the upgrade, Butcher says: "The existing iNEWS journalist system was moved into the new solution, so largely the same design remains in terms of operational use, making it easier for the team to migrate to the new system."
Through Wochit's robust library of fully licenced content, the team can now access top trending news items for video and produce original stories in new formats quickly and effectively in the i signature style to engage audiences according to the topics they most want to see.
The solution uses existing Interplay and iNEWS functionality and web services APIs to cost-efficiently adapt to a wide range of different customer environments and needs.
Newsroom staff can research archived content, search slugs linked to video archives, browse archived content, and quickly make shot selections for production purposes without moving from their desk using the iNews interface.
Israel's Ambassador to the UN Danny Carmon protestedAa to what he called the UNIFIL commander's assertion that Israel was the chief violator of the resolution, Israel inews Web site Ynet reported on Saturday.
INEWS that larger-than-life bookmaker Gary Wiltshire has teamed up with Totesport to represent the firm on the rails at Britain's racetracks has probably got Freddie Williams' daughter Julie in a bit of a panic.
Meanwhile, TRW and Raytheon have teamed to offer a combination of B-1B line replaceable unit (Raytheon) and INEWS (TRW) expertise.
The integrated EW system (INEWS) combines multiple EW functions into a single comprehensive suite designed to counter enemy radar and multispectral weapons well into the next century.
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Experience with INews or similar editing experience is acceptable.
Full MOS workflows are also available with newsroom computer systems such as iNews, ENPS, Octopus, OpenMedia and Dalet.