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impact noise rating (INR)

A rating, expressed by a single number, which is a rough measure of the effectiveness of a floor construction in providing isolation against the noise of impacts; in general, the higher the number, the greater the effectiveness.
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The INR and PT are measures of the extrinsic pathway of coagulation.
Then, patients were categorized according to their pre-transfusion INRs; eight patients were categorized as having slightly elevated INR (INR=3-6), 12 were categorized as having moderately elevated INR (INR=6-9), and 12 were categorized as having severely elevated INR (INR>12).
HEM 23290: The calculation of the INR is appropriately adjusted for every new lot of PT reagents, changes in types of reagent, or change in instrumentation (phase II).
Key clinical point: The antibiotic dicloxacillin appears to markedly decrease INR levels in patients using warfarin.
The expert panel also recommended that if patients are not willing or able to manage their own warfarin dose adjustments, self-testing of INR with dose adjustments by a health professional may be an option, but only if there are significant barriers to patients having their INR regularly tested in a lab.
India Others Market Size on the Basis of Revenue in INR Million and Growth Rate in Percentage
Para el analisis de INR un total de 111 pacientes correspondientes a un total de 90.
Today, if we take the E and M growth without taking internet access and internet advertising into account the size of the Indian M and E sector increased from about 690 billion INR in 2011 to almost 795 billion INR in 2012.
Oral corticosteroids significantly increased the INR by a mean of 1.
DGCX will hold workshops on the INR Options contract prior to its launch on September 26.
Retired Foreign Service officer INR Watch Officer, 1979-1980
In the present report, we evaluate the possible value of a rapid method for local INR derivation, which we have termed the PT/INR Line, obtained from a small set of European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation (ECAA) INR-certified plasmas (see Acknowledgments for source information).