IP storage

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IP storage

(Internet Protocol storage) Using the IP protocol to connect storage area networks (SANs) in remote locations. SANs can be extended across metropolitan area networks (MANs) and wide area networks (WANs) without distance limitations.

For Fibre Channel (FC) SANs, protocols are used to tunnel FC frames within IP packets (FCIP) or convert frames to packets (iFCP) to ride over IP. For non-Fibre Channel SANs, the iSCSI protocol converts SCSI data to IP packets. See FCIP, iFCP and iSCSI.

Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI
Traditional SANs were developed using the Fibre Channel transport, because it provided gigabit speeds compared to Ethernet at 10 and 100 Mbps. When Gigabit Ethernet arrived, it became possible to interconnect FC switches over IP/Ethernet networks. For organizations without Fibre Channel, iSCSI provides a lower-cost alternative. In the large enterprise, both Fibre Channel SANs and iSCSI SANs (IP SANs) are used. See SAN.

IP Storage Switch
This Nishan Systems switch converts Fibre Channel to IP. Other Nishan products support SANs with SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI and iFCP devices. Nishan was acquired by McData and then Brocade. (Image courtesy of Nishan Systems.)
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Xiran provides this configuration for Exchange servers as a kit, offering the highest degree of flexibility for IP storage of Exchange data.
Finally, an iSCSI management application program interface (API) is in development by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) IP Storage Forum that will make iSCSI devices work seamlessly with existing network and storage management applications.
With IP storage solutions that save data over the entire cluster, capacity is balanced between nodes, ensuring that part of the system is not overloaded while other nodes remain underutilized.
Open-E's Data Storage Server (DSS) provides a fast, reliable, and scalable platform for IP Storage and is one of the easiest ways of implementing a NAS server and/or an iSCSI technology in a network.
"The unprecedented price point for this level of unified functionality makes it affordable for customers to undertake projects that were previously cost-prohibitive, such as moving from Direct Attached Storage (DAS) to consolidated IP storage (iSCSI SAN and NAS) and business continuity (WAN replication)," said Jeff Helthall, VP Sales RELDATA.
The iS500 HVD family can be used to locate HVD SCSI devices at any distance from the servers via any Ethernet port using iSCSI protocol, making it possible to connect HVD SCSI devices to iSCSI IP Storage Area Networks (SANs), as well as convert HVD SCSI Direct Attached Storage (DAS) systems and devices to networked iSCSI storage environments.
SANmelody transforms a PC into a powerful and cost effective disk server that serves disk space over a network - an affordable IP storage network or iSCSI SAN.
ENARGiS is a pioneer in iSCSI testing tools as a developer of a family of comprehensive IP storage testing tools.
With the use of vulnerable IP storage networks in full swing by 2000, a new threat to data loss appeared called intrusion and it became the next big data exposure issue for the IT industry to address.
Chelsio's new T210 10GbE and T204 4-port GigE TOE/iSCSI adapters provide link aggregation and failover for leading throughput and scalability in IP storage environments.
To extend our storage traffic over the MAN, we installed a business continuity network using Cisco MDS 9000 IP Storage Services Modules to provide Fibre Channel over IP, an industry-standard technology used to interconnect two or more Fibre Channel SANs over TCP/1P infrastructures.