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Each agent is controlled by a separate process that maintains a queue of all IPARs it is to execute.
For each new instruction, the translator uses the tree and Actionary database to determine the correct instances of the physical object and agent in the environment, then generate the instruction as an IPAR.
(1989) reported an increased correspondence between goals stated by students in their IEP meetings and goals actually written in their IEP documents after IPARS instruction.
The treatment intervention focused on teaching the participants the IEP participation strategy (IPARs) (Van Reusen, Bos, Schumaker, & Deshler, 1987; Van Reusen et al., 1989).
The source of post-flowering assimilates can be indirectly quantified as post-flowering leaf area index duration [(LAD); Lopez Pereira et al., 1999b; de la Vega and Hall., 2002a] or as the intercepted photosynthetically active radiation (IPAR) per plant during seed filling (Dossio et al., 2000; Aguirrezabal et al., 2003).