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As real-time voice and video become more common VPN applications, IPsec performance should be tested with such applications.
This is the most practical configuration for an IPSec VPN network.
There are only two workable solutions: either IPSec has to occur after NAT processing, or the two must occur in the same system, as in integrated hardware VPN/firewall products (see Figure).
By compressing the data prior to encryption, the original packet is smaller and the additional headers and trailers added by IPSec are far less likely to induce IP fragmentation.
Basic and Rekeying confirm the system can establish an IPSec tunnel utilizing Triple DES for encryption, SHA-1 for hash, 1024-bit key exchange, and a pre-shared secret for authentication, in addition to automatically rekeying the Phase 2 SA.
SSH IPSEC Express toolkit is the market leader in providing IPSEC (Internet Protocol Security) and IKE (Internet Key Exchange) technology to OEM customers.
We are pleased that Stratus selected Mocana's Embedded IPSec & IKE solution to provide the security needs for its Virtual Operating System," said Adrian Turner, CEO of Mocana.
SSH's IPSec technology will interface with a broader range of Hifn's security processors via Hifn's HSP API, including the 7851 HIPP (Hifn Intelligent Packet Processing) Security Processor.
We are proud to be first to market with a carrier-grade IPSec security toolkit that allows networking manufacturers to easily add full VPN mobility into next-generation telecom gateways, faster than ever before.
Hitachi Systems will use SSH's award-winning IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) technology to develop tailor-made VPN (Virtual Private Network) client systems.
The security, reliability and scalability offered by Mocana's IPsec & IKE embedded solution is the perfect solution for extending our existing security features.
QuickSec is the most broadly used carrier-grade IPSec security platform in the industry, delivering the advanced levels of protection, reliability, and performance mandated by OEM vendors and industry standards.