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1 In Irish history, see Irish Republican ArmyIrish Republican Army
(IRA), nationalist organization devoted to the integration of Ireland as a complete and independent unit. Organized by Michael Collins from remnants of rebel units dispersed after the Easter Rebellion in 1916 (see Ireland), it was composed of the more
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. 2 In economics, see Individual Retirement AccountIndividual Retirement Account
(IRA), tax-sheltered retirement plan, originally created (1974) to assist individuals not covered by company pensions. Under the U.S. tax law of 1981, IRA provisions were liberalized to allow individuals to contribute up to $2,000 per year (up from
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(ī`rə), in the Bible. 1 Chief officer of David. 2, 3 Two of David's guard.
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the Irish Republican Army; long history of terror and violence. [Irish Hist.: NCE, 1365–1366]
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Evidence from early clinical studies of ipilimumab in metastatic melanoma suggested that irAEs correlated with outcomes.
In terms of liver-associated irAEs, it should be noted that elevations of liver function tests may occur in the absence of clinical symptoms.
As the older commentators recognised, therefore, the clause is a generalisation rather than a specific reference to the crowd in the Forum and the emotions they actually felt; it depicts a near stillness caused by a mixture of pressures, internal (|magnae irae') and external (|magni metus'); and it aims to bring out the peculiar nature of the silence that prevailed on this occasion.
The incidence and nature of renal irAEs in oncology are increasing with the introduction of immunotherapy.
The Requiem has many other moments nearly as dramatic as the Dies Irae. The concert (Mozart and the Movies) will also include Bernstein's On the Waterfront and other works which have been used in films.
Its famous Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) sends shivers down the spine - but this great sacred masterpiece is staggeringly beautiful, too.
Based on these findings, progressive quadriplegia was secondary to hypokalemia which was due to type 1 RTA, most likely irAE secondary to anti-PD-1 antibody therapy.
Particular orchestral highlights were the confidence of the cellos at the cruelly exposed opening to the Offertorio, and the sturdy panache of the brass (the rare cimbasso rasping away) in the Dies Irae. Upper-gallery trumpets here had also figured in a neat little opener, Carrier, by Belgian post-grad student Maya Verlaak, a three-minute fanfare based on acronyms of ACBH, as blazing as anything by Janacek, and tautly delivered under Christopher Houlding.
But although the loud, war-like sections of the Dies Irae, for example, are terror-stricken and upsetting, as they should be, some of the quieter, magical sections, like the resolution at the end of the Kyrie Eleison, lack the Britten recordings chill and power.
MEDENINE (TAP) - Ennahdha Movement will file a lawsuit if the Independent Higher Authority for the Elections (IHAE) does not "right" the mistake made by the Medenine Independent Regional Authority for the Elections (IRAE) "which counted the blank ballots and thus deprived the party of a 5 seat" in the National Constituent Assembly (NCA), the Movement's chief candidate in the Medenine precinct Abdelmajid Ennajar asserted.