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(Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting) The Japanese mobile TV and digital radio standard. Replacing the earlier analog HDTV system (see Hi-Vision) and based on MPEG-2, ISDB transmits 50 channels (13 through 62) in the UHF bands from 470 to 770 MHz. Following are the various ISDB flavors. Brazil adopted ISDB-T for the Latin and South American markets (see SBTVD). The 1 seg standard means "one segment" out of the 13 ISDB-T segments is used for TV on smartphones. See mobile TV.

Type       Purpose

  ISDB-T     Terrestrial TV

  ISDB-Tsb   Terrestrial audio
              (sb=sound broadcast)

  ISDB-S     Satellite TV

  ISDB-C     Cable TV

  1 seg      Mobile phones

  ISDB-Tb    Brazilian version
             (see  SBTVD).
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Under the partnership, the IDB and the ISDB could work jointly to improve access to services and opportunities for marginalized groups, enhancing trade through technical assistance, and improve the capacity of the public sector in Suriname and Guyana.
The ISDB Group also comprises the Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit as well as the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector, the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, Islamic Research, and Training Institute.
To mitigate private-sector risk, ISDB typically obtains bank guarantees or collateral," the rating agency said.