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(Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting) The Japanese mobile TV and digital radio standard. Replacing the earlier analog HDTV system (see Hi-Vision) and based on MPEG-2, ISDB transmits 50 channels (13 through 62) in the UHF bands from 470 to 770 MHz. Following are the various ISDB flavors. Brazil adopted ISDB-T for the Latin and South American markets (see SBTVD). The 1 seg standard means "one segment" out of the 13 ISDB-T segments is used for TV on smartphones. See mobile TV.

Type       Purpose

  ISDB-T     Terrestrial TV

  ISDB-Tsb   Terrestrial audio
              (sb=sound broadcast)

  ISDB-S     Satellite TV

  ISDB-C     Cable TV

  1 seg      Mobile phones

  ISDB-Tb    Brazilian version
             (see  SBTVD).
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To mitigate private-sector risk, ISDB typically obtains bank guarantees or collateral," the rating agency said.
ISDB-TB is based upon the Japan ISDB standard and adds H.
On June 4, 2008, the board of governors voted to increase the subscribed capital by a further SDR1 billion, to SDR16 billion, in order to accommodate a request by the State of Qatar (AA-/Stable/A-1+) to increase its stake in the ISDB to 8.