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Interactive SETL by Gary Levin <>.

Latest version: 3.0.

Binaries and source for MS-DOS, Macintosh, Unix, VAX/VMS.

[Clarkson U. "An Introduction to ISETL Version 1.9", G.M. Levin, Dept MCS, Clarkson U].

["Learning discrete mathematics with ISETL", Nancy Baxter. Ed. Gary Levin Dubinsky. Springer-Verlag, c.1989.]
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1991] is another variation of ISETL that supports control and data parallelism for prototyping concurrent applications.
1995] is a control-parallel extensions to ISETL very similar to PROSET-Linda.
El concepto de transformacion lineal fue analizado previamente por miembros del Grupo RUMEC para elaborar el texto Learning linear algebra with ISETL (Weller et al.