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Using regression analysis, the authors of the study found that the presence of ISF led to the better performance of IAs.
BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces Sunday marked its 158th anniversary while paying tribute to the two ISF members killed in a terrorist attack in Tripoli last week.
In a joint statement issued here, the senior leaders of ISF GB including Hanif Golden, General Secretary Ikram Mangol and senior vice president PTI Manzoor Dad said a convention has been called in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) wherein central leaders had been invited to take them into confidence about various issues including party's re-organization in GB.
Razi said the ISF, launched last year, permits Mercy Malaysia to receive Shariah-compliant funds through means such as zakat, donation, 'sukuk' and micro financing.
The fact that LLP has grown exponentially, with matches taking place in 74 cities and more than 10,000 players were now taking part in competitions every week, was mentioned during International Socca Federation (ISF) World Conference in Birmingham last month.
Following the unbridled success of the historic first event - which took place in Lisbon in the Trunkwala Stadium, and at the ISF conference it was revealed that the 2019 event has attracted more than double the amount of countries clamouring to take part.
With opportunities opening up through the ISF league competitions, more and more disadvantaged players from communities, organisations and schools inside and outside Phnom Penh showcased their talents this season.
The Deputy Commissioner ICT said that business community should decorate markets to give them a festive look during the ISF. He said traders could also organize sales events during the festival.
The ISF was formally launched on Thursday, with its inaugural meeting held in Birmingham, UK, and participants coming in from 52 countries.
He should be removed gfrom party post, the ISF demanded.
Upon arrival, the 101st worked with Iraqi security forces (ISF) to retake the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi and started plans to retake Mosul.