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BEIRUT: A video of an Internal Security Forces officer slapping an Electricite du Liban worker went viral over the weekend, sparking outrage and prompting the ISF to promise to open an investigation.
He should be removed gfrom party post, the ISF demanded.
Canada has also sent a small team of Canadian Army engineers to observe ongoing explosive threat training that the ISF are receiving under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Training and Capacity Building Iraq mandate.
The ISF has a bridging regiment, but its equipment and proficiency were lacking.
Among the feedstuffs, soybean and its products contain the highest levels of ISF (Mazur and Adlercreutz, 1998; Nurmi et al.
Holding placards inscribed with different slogans regarding the earliest release of the ISF members, they shouted against the federal government.
4B under the ISF Borders instrument to improve the surveillance and control of its borders plus some EUR 32M under the ISF Police instrument to boost security of consular services for issuing visas and improve verification of personal data of travellers crossing its borders.
The two awards were presented by the Global Investor magazine for the third consecutive year at the Global Investor/ ISF Middle East Summit and Awards 2012 in Doha.
This came in a speech by Prince Nawaf bin Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz, who is also chairman of ISF, during the 18th session of the Islamic organization.
Alamgir Khan said that youth was the main force behind Imran Khan's tsunami that's why chairman Imran Khan had given membership drive to ISF and dissolved all party across Pakistan, except ISF.
He advised ISF to organize and actively take part in the upcoming membership drive and put their efforts to bring a democratic change in Pakistan.
An unnamed security source was cited by the Beirut daily AN NAHAR on Friday as saying that in the past 48 hours, 22 patrols belonging to the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) were attacked by citizens after the ISF tried to stop illegal buildings on public and private property in some Lebanese areas.