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(Information Systems Security Association, Bellingham, WA, A membership organization that promotes effective management practices for computer security. Founded in 1982, ISSA has chapters in more than 20 countries and hosts an annual conference.



a river in Pskov Oblast, RSFSR; a left tributary of the Velikaia River, in the basin of Lake Pskov. Length, 174 km; basin area, 1,580 sq km. It begins at Lake Dedino, in the extreme southwest of the oblast, and flows generally northward. There are more than 200 shallow lakes in the basin of the river, which is fed predominantly by snow.

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ARCSI merged with ISSA in January 2017 to become ARCSI, A Division of ISSA.
ISSA is a voluntary programme, driven by the industry's wish to improve operational safety performance and efficiency.
The mission of the TWH affiliate program is to advance greater integration of worker health protection and promotion through collaborations with public and not-for-profit organizations, such as ISSA
Mariusz's responsibilities will involve providing support to ISSA and PSC's membership in Poland, including developing more member benefits.
Under terms of the agreement, ARCSI members will retain their ARCSI memberships, but those memberships will expand to include global ISSA membership and benefits.
To fill the position, the ISSA board of directors sanctioned a search committee led and chaired by ISSA president Alan Tomblin.
It is my pleasure to inform you that the ARCSI Board of Directors has unanimously passed the attached resolution regarding the merger of ARCSI into ISSA and will be recommending to our membership that they approve the merger at our annual meeting on Oct.
The ISSA Clean Standard provides simplified "ranges of clean" for three ATP meters that, based on extensive field research, prove to deliver an objective, quantitative component to determine whether a facility is truly clean.
com)-- ISSA announced today that Simon Moffatt has been named a Senior Member by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).
In this new role, Tomblin will serve as understudy for the president; serve as board chair in the absence of the president and as board representative to the ISSA Foundation.