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Active management is measured with the three trading measures, Industry-Adjusted Stock Selection Trading (ISST), Industry Timing (IT), and Characteristic Trading (CT).
Para el test-retest se utilizaron los resultados obtenidos por estudiantes a los que se administro colectivamente el ISST en el aula.
An Integrated Social Skills Training protocol (ISST; Cheung & Tsang, under review) may be developed which consists of WSST (Tsang & Pearson, 2001) followed by the JSST module.
The independent variable was Internet sexual addiction as exhibited by the three participant groups: online sexually addicted, at-risk, and nonaddicted MSM (as delineated by the ISST).
<<Dime lo que comes te dire quien eres>> afirmo hace casi dos siglos Brillat Savarin (1825), retomando un viejo adagio aleman (man iss, was man isst).
This prepares students to pass the Information Seeking Skills Test (ISST), which is a requirement for completing Cluster One of General Education and a prerequisite for enrolling for the following fall semester.
Was isst Aufklarung?, 1997, is a construction of wire, dental floss, and tooth-picks that spells out its title across the gallery wall.
THE saying stems from the words of 19th century German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach who said "Der Mensch ist was er isst" - Man is what he eats.
Wie du lebst, wie deine Eltern sind, was du isst, was 17 du an Kleidungsstucken tragst, warum du den Film American Beatuy magst.
In addition, students are required to pass an Information Seeking Skills Test (ISST) before the end of the freshman year.