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It is the hard work of traffic cops which brought great successes for ITP force, the IGP said and hoped for continuation of professional and honest attitude to bring more laurels for the force.
It was important to mention here that the ITP recently got clear directions to improve traffic discipline in the city, but it seems the message was being taken in wrong spirit.
With a reach of over 50 million through the 100 brands already under the ITP Media Group umbrella, we already have instant access to millions of gamers right across the Middle East."
A statement yesterday said the transaction will give ITP the opportunity to maximise the value creation potential of the two companies, providing them with active support and fresh capital over an additional holding period under continued management.
Six (5.8%) patients showed spontaneous recovery while 97 (94%) patients received treatment for ITP. Overall, 71 (68.9%) showed a response after treatment.
A total of 1106 awareness activities were arranged as 539 workshops benefitted 19400 citizens, 20050 road-users in education campaign outside the educational institutions, 59200 in awareness campaigns, 14300 through ITP float activities, 7995 in campaigns at educational institutions, 100000 in family gala and 21200 in various campaigns held from time to time.
Both passengers acknowledge the work of ITP. In this regard SSP traffic Farukh Rasheed announced cash prize and certificates for Islamabad traffic police Inspector Noor Jamal and ASI Toqeer.
He said the education team of ITP was delivering awareness lectures for road safety in different departments.
Consecutive patients with a diagnosis of CD attending the Gastrointestinal Service at the Clinica Medica, and patients followed for ITP attending the Hematological Service were enrolled in the study from January 2016 to December 2017.
Secondary causes of ITP were HIV, HCV, Helicobacter pylori, brucellosis, tuberculosis, and autoimmune diseases in our region.
Limited initiated a Phase III clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of AMG531 (romiplostim) for injection in adult subjects with persistent or chronic primary ITP. The results of the trial are expected to come in December 2017.