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Ovaries of the slaughtered animals are the inexpensive, easy access and prime source of oocytes for the process large scale by IVM and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) (Carolan et al., 1993).
landolti to feces of IVM-treated cattle under laboratory conditions: Following the same method as used for passive olfactometer standardization, a control treatment (80 g IVM-free feces) was placed in holes one and three while the experimental treatment (80 g feces from animals treated with 1 % IVM) was placed in holes two and four.
The incubation temperature during IVM had no effect on blastocyst quality, but the antioxidant supplementation into embryo culture media improved blastocyst quality (p<0.05) only in zygotes from oocytes matured at conventional temperature.
In addition, IVM can be used in patients with ovarian resistance to follicular-stimulating hormone (FSH) [24], fertility preservation of cancer patients (particularly women with leukemia and oestrogen-sensitive tumours), and endometriosis patients undergoing extensive endometrioma excision [24].
The developmental potential of oocytes that had undergone Germinal Vesicle Breakdown (GVBD) or reached the MII stage via IVM were assessed by IVF.
Nuclear maturation status of buffalo oocytes after 24 hours of maturation in IVM medium supplemented with serum, FAF-BSA or FAF-BSA+ EGF.
Evaluacion de la estabilidad termica de los residuos de IVM en leche.
Unfortunately, very few practical examples of IVM have been documented.
After filtration and 26 hr after the incubation in IVM culture medium (Origio medicult IVM medium, Denmark), the oocytes were detached (denuded) from the cumulus cell mass and 5 matured oocytes (55% maturation rate) were injected with TESA derived fresh sperm and 3 oocytes with 2 pronuclei (60% fertilization rate) were generated.