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We are very glad to be part of the efforts to support the ixo community's global impact investment projects on the blockchain, aspiring to revolutionise the social finance infrastructure and realise the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)."
Dr Granier continued: "We are very pleased to welcome IRDI SORIDEC Gestion, Cemag Invest and MI Care as new Advicenne shareholders, in addition to Bpifrance, IXO and private individuals, who have been supporting and working with us for many years."
You simply slot the attachments into the end of the IXO and press the trigger in the normal way - it couldn't be easier.
Como habra de recordarse, el primer antecedente en tal sentido se halla en el articulo 13 de las Reglas de Procedimiento adoptadas por el IXo TAHM que intervino en la controversia sobre subsidios a la exportacion--lanas (117).
The IXO Vino, pictured right, is an electric screwdriver with a corkscrew attachment, so you can impress your party guests by opening bottles of wine with it.
The International X-ray Observatory (IXO), if built, would improve on the collecting area of current X-ray missions by a factor of 100 while simultaneously improving on the spectral resolution of Astro-H by a factor of 3.
IXO Proposed by NASA, the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the International X-ray Observatory would take in radiation emitted from neutron stars and from the vicinity of black holes.
TEN readers will win a spring decorating kit from Bosch Power Tools which includes a Bosch Xeo 2, a universal self-sharpening tool for cutting a range of materials, a PKP 7.2 LI hot glue gun and an IXO IV for simple screwdriving.
"This 'silicon pore optics' effort is part of the Agency's preparation for the International X-ray Observatory (IXO), a candidate mission with NASA and Japan's space agency for around 2020," he said.
An example of recent successful innovation at Bosch is the Ixo, a small cordless screwdriver with lithium-ion technology.
Skil claims that the iXO, the first version of this tool, is the best-selling power tool of all time.