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(1) (Internet EXchange Processor) See IXA.

(2) (Internet eXchange Point) A public junction point on the Internet that provides an on-ramp to the Internet as well as a location for carriers to exchange traffic. There are approximately 300 IXPs around the world, with more than 100 in the U.S.

An IXP is physically some combination of switches and routers. The organization connects to the IXP from a port on its router to a port on the IXP's switch. The attachment is at the data link level (layer 2) and is typically Ethernet, but can also be ATM.

Public Peering
At these exchange points, major carriers accept traffic from each other and agree to carry the other's packets to their downstream destination point without charge. Peering arrangements are made with bilateral and multilateral agreements between the carriers.

If a carrier with less traffic wants to exchange packets, or a smaller, regional ISP needs an on-ramp to the Internet, a transit agreement is struck, wherein the backbone carrier charges the smaller operator a fee for transmitting its packets.

Private Peering
Major carriers also have private peering agreements between each other in locations where two or more carriers have switching points in close proximity. In late 1995, UUNET, MCI and GTE were the first to begin private arrangements. Thus, the Internet backbones are managed by a combination of public peering at the IXPs, also called "network access points" (see NAP) and private peering at their own locations. See Tier 1 network.
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Genio said connecting to European IXPs is a step forward to reinforce the Philippines' ICT ecosystem in terms of global IP connectivity as it enhances the flow of IP traffic in both directions.
Additionally, Asteroid deploys its highly automated IXP platform in other parts of the world, based on customer demand.
Setting up of IXP is one such new initiative which will help in improving internet access, business environmental and local content, Chairman PTA, Dr.
Then in Section 4, we perform simulations to analyze the routing dynamics described by REFER under the regional failure where all routers locating at an important IXP are taken down.
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also includes colocation, Vpop, and a newly launched Internet Exchange (IXP).
LINX is the largest Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the world, reaching more of the global routing table than any other IXP.