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In the concluding paragraphs of his book, Redmond seems to make Iachimo stand for King James I (or for Shakespeare?) as the oxymoronic (and moronic) embodiment of incoherence (203-04).
Wolverhampton 2.10 Stoic Leader, 2.40 Rare Coincidence, 3.10 Noodles Blue Boy, 4.10 Iachimo, 4.40 Zaskia.
Staley (Iachimo, Queen), Sam Turich (Posthumus Leonatus, Cloten), David Whalen (Cymbeline, Caius Lucius, Jupiter, Gaoler).
As Italian stallion Iachimo, engaged in a wager with Posthumus to test Imogen's fidelity, Brit actor Jonathan Cake cuts a hunky figure strutting around shirtless in ruched trousers.
In Cymbeline Shakespeare pushes to their very limits the conventions of disguise comedy and theatrical romance: in 2.5, dramatic irony causes us to heap scorn upon Posthumus for his acceptance of Iachimo's description of the "mole cinque-spotted" as evidence against Imogen; that irony and that scorn are converted by the final scene into the generically motivated goodwill that allows us to accept the "sanguine star" on Guiderius's neck as proof of his royal identity.
Hamlet asks if it is not "perfect conscience" to take the life of Claudius; the murderer of the princes from Richard III hesitates to perform his assassination, claiming "some certain dregs of conscience are yet within me"; in Cymbeline, Imogen appeals to Iachimo's conscience in rebutting his false allegations of her infidelity.
When Iachimo sees "On [Imogen's] left breast / A mole cinque-spotted, like the crimson drops / I' th' bottom of a cowslip," in Shakespeare he starts to write a note of what he has seen but stops himself: "No more--to what end?
Compare another Shakespearean example of proof or evidence involving personal property, in Cymbeline: Posthumus gives Imogen a bracelet that Iachimo subsequently steals, offering it as "proof" that he has seduced Imogen.
40); unlike the attainder, however, Ralph Roister Doister foregrounds the contingency of female reputation on male report, whereas Cymbeline goes a stage further, dramatizing the illicit means by which Iachimo obtains the information used to impugn Imogen's virtue.
Anton Lesser, a one-time RSC Richard III, possesses all the vaporous bile required of Iachimo, who maliciously tricks poor Posthumus, while Paul Chahidi does justice to the clod-hopping Cloten.
Cymbeline is actually three stories woven together: The resistance of a British king to Roman rule; the story of two lovers, Imogen and Posthumus, driven apart by the lies of the cunning villain Iachimo; and the saga of two young princes kidnapped from the royal household and reared in the wild.
The slimy Iachimo has bet her husband that he can relieve the chaste young woman of her virtue while her even more vile step-brother Cloten has loutish, violent designs on her person.