Iakov Fedorovich Dubrovinskii

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Dubrovinskii, Iakov Fedorovich


(party pseudonyms: Arkadii, Vadim, Vitalii). Born Feb. 9 (21), 1882, in the village of Pokrovsko-Lipovtsy, in present-day Maloarkhangel’sk Raion, Orel Oblast; died Oct. 24, 1918, in Krasnoiarsk. Russian revolutionary, active participant in the struggle to establish Soviet power in Siberia. Son of a merchant-leaseholder. Brother of I. F. Dubrovinskii.

As a student in the Perm’ Mining School, Dubrovinskii joined the RSDLP in 1899 and engaged in underground party work. He was arrested in 1902 and was exiled to Arkhangel’sk Province in 1903. He escaped from exile and in 1905 worked in the Moscow party organization, participating in the December armed uprising. He was a member of the Social Democratic committee and the military organization of the RSDLP in Odessa in 1906. Dubrovinskii was again arrested and in 1907 was exiled to Siberia. On the way, he fled from the prisoner convoy and lived illegally in Krasnoiarsk, where he became a member of the RSDLP committee in 1908. He was again arrested in the spring of 1916. After the February Revolution of 1917, he was chairman of the Krasnioarsk soviet and a member of the Krasnoiarsk committee of the RSDLP (Bolshevik). He was a member of the Central Siberian Regional Bureau of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (B). During the counterrevolutionary revolt of the Czechoslovak Legion, he led a detachment on Kliukvennaia station. He was arrested by the Czechoslovak counterrevolutionaries, imprisoned in Krasnoiarsk prison, and shot.

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