Iakovlev, Sergei Aleksandrovich

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Iakovlev, Sergei Aleksandrovich


Born Sept. 25 (Oct. 7), 1878, in Irkutsk; died Oct. 16, 1957, in Leningrad. Soviet geologist. Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences (1934).

Iakovlev graduated from the University of St. Petersburg in 1903. He was an instructor (from 1908) and professor (1921–38) at the Forestry Institute and Academy of Timber Technology in Leningrad. In 1928 he began working at the All-Union Geological Research Institute, where he was head of the division of Quaternary geology from 1944 to 1957. Iakovlev’s principal works dealt with the geology of Quaternary deposits and the methodology for studying and mapping them. He developed the idea of multiple continental glaciations in the European USSR. Iakovlev was the compiler and editor of the maps of Quaternary deposits of the European USSR (on a scale of 1:2,500,000; published 1950) and Western Siberia (1:5,000,000; published 1958). He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and various medals.


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